New collaboration start-up

1. HR&S offers its services.

- These are presented at the website, in special folders, in meetings and seminars.

2. The potential partner presents:

- The objectives and scope of the proposed collaboration programme.
   - Its institutional capacity.
   - Potential funding sources.
   - The business idea.

If the partners agree the collaboration project has potential then

3. A business plan is agreed on.

4. An agreement is drafted.

5. HR&S provides ROPE, CUP and TAct light sessions.

6. Start-up funds are secured through:
- Co-investment.
- Crowd-funding at HR&S website and/or other crowd-funding sites.
- Grants-seeking, the HR&S grant manager shares about opportunities.
- Other means.

7. The agreement is revised if necessary and signed.

The programme takes off.

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