Basic services in vulnerable settlements

Basic services in vulnerable settlements (BASER)
compiles knowledge about livelihood improvement strategies and techniques. Such knowledge is shared and can be used to support social entrepreneurs to set up social enterprises in vulnerable settlements. We also offer coaching to development institutions. As HR&S builds its capacity from experience in actual practice and as we facilitate initiatives designed and implemented by local stakeholders, we have a genuine understanding about solutions that provides improved livelihood in actual practice. Together with our Programme partners can we offer coaching on

- Agriculture at family level.
- Farmer cooperatives.
- Cattle keeping.
- Drip irrigation.
- Water  harvesting.
- Pesticide management.
- Transportation.

- Renewable energy.
- Solar panel installation.
- Solar panel service and maintenance.
- Energy from waste.

- Safe drinking water
- Ecological sanitation.
- Hygiene.
- Health care clinics.

- Compressed earth blocks.

Small scale businesses
- Local food and drink production and sales.
- Milling.
- Offering energy from solar panels.
- Rural banking.

Women empowerment
- Prevention of early pregnancies
- Child care centres.
- Access to sanitary pads.
- Access to contraception.
- Transportation.
- Access to laptop and internet.
- Tuition fee support.
- Prevention of gender based violence
- Prevention of sexual abuse.

Children's rights.
- Primary education.
- Prevention of child abuse.

Nutritious food
- Awareness raising.

IT and technology
-Desktop publishing centres.








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