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We deeply and honestly strive to meet our partners’ and our customers’ need and to facilitate what our partners and customer seek to accomplish. We put effort into achieve and maintain a deep understanding of who our partners and customers are, what their behaviors are, and ultimately, what their motivations are and to take these deep understandings and align them with the goals and capabilities of ours.

Times and norms are rapidly changing;  technology changes, priorities change, and people change, being adaptable to these changes, and understanding how it affects people is critical for HR&S.

We provide services to

  • Academic institutions
  • Private sector with business in Africa
  • Scientific equipment manufacturers
  • Development institutions
  • Scientific researchers
  • Innovators
  • Social entrepreneurs
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We offer

Coaching on

  • Research management
  • Laboratory management
  • Social enterprising
  • Development progamme management

Seminars and workshops on

  • HR&S Practical strategies
  • HR&S Action Areas

Partnership around

  • HR&S ongoing programmes
  • HR&S Action Areas


We coach and facilitate the implementation of other institutions’ programmes, while benefitting from our Practical strategies, Action Areas and local RISE Support Centres.

Over the years have HR&S implemented 50 user-driven interventions. Through this experience, combined with our team’s formal education and personal experices, can we offer services addressing a variety of themes. We can also prepare ourselves and address new areas.

Our coaching address

  1. Strategy for change.
  2. Stakeholder analysis.
  3. Business model, business plan & venture.
  4. Accountability management.
  5. Real-time outcome planning and evaluation.
  6. Evidence based impact assessment.

Our coaching is implemented through

  1. Practical strategies.
  2. Guiding manuals.
  3. Networking & expert advice.
  4. Workshops.
  5. Field / laboratory work.
  6. Surveys.
  7. Team-building & motivation sessions.
  8. Round-table sessions with external stakeholders.

Research management

We support scientific Institutions with the generation and the implementation of  scientific findings.

We target: 1. Individual career goals. 2. Performing high quality research. 3. Disseminating scientific findings. 4. Implementing scientific findings. 5. Enabling talents of Africa.

We address: 1. Motivation to do research, 2. Time management, 3. Collaboration & networking, 3. Theoretical research capacity, 4. Practical research capacity, 5. Capacity to address the needs of the rural and urban civil society, 6. Business development capacity.

Laboratory  management

We support scientific institutions with: selection, transportation, installation, calibration, operation, maintenance, servicing, use and decommissioning of advanced scientific equipment.

Support packages:
1. Equipment procurement and delivery.
2. Equipment management.
3. Construction of laboratories.
4. Operational & Financial planning.

Social enterprising

We support researchers, innovators and social entrepreneurs in Sub-Sahara African countries to implement their ideas through social enterprising.

Our RISE Support Centres (Research, Innovation & Social Enterprising) aim at providing the conditions and the tools required.

Development programme management

We support development institutions with implementing their programmes in in Sub-Sahara African countries.

Our RISE Support Centres (Research, Innovation and Social enterprising) aims at providing the network and resources required.


We share knowledge about

  1. HR&S six Practical Strategies.
  2. HR&S six Action Areas.

Our workshop benefits from

1. User driven interactions.
2. Stakeholder identification and analysis.
3. Strategy for change.
4. Sustainable economy.
5. Accountability management.
6. Evaluation planning & evidence based impact.

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Practical strategies

  1. Ten Principles for international development collaboration (TAct).
  2. Real-time Outcome Planning and Evaluation (ROPE).
  3. Trust, transparency & accountability (TRUST).
  4. Cross-cultural understanding (CROSS).
  5. Local support centres (RISE Centres).
  6. Testing the strength of scientific evidence for social impact (TestE).

Action Areas

  1. RISE Support centres.
  2. Investment capital; RISE invest & Action Invest
  3. Implementation coaching.
  4. Accountability & Motivation.
  5. Branding & Public relations.
  6. Impact assessment.


All our interventions are user-driven. This means that it is the social entrepreneur who has the passion to implement an intervention, who bring the idea to the parntership. The idea is then backed-up by the resources of HR&S including practical startegies, state-of-the art knowledge and expertice, experience, local coaching and start-up financial loans.

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We offer partnership around

  • HR&S On-going programmes.
  • HR&S Action Areas.

Our programmes address, but are not limited to,

  1. Loans & coaching to small-scale business managers and cooperatives.
  2. Table banking.
  3. Girl & women empowerment.
  4. Education.
  5. Community integration.
  6. Trauma counseling.
  7. Awareness raising on human and children’s rights.
  8. Reaching vulnerable people & settlements.
  9. Laboratory accreditation.


Length                          Cost in € + travel costs & VAT

60-180 minutes                           1,000
1 day                                                   2,000

2-5 days                                           2,000 per day

2-8 weeks or more                     10,000 per week

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Request coaching for an activity of importance for you, while benefiting from a strategy, or a set of strategies, of your choice.


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