Development implementation

Our main activity is to be an appreciated Programme partner to development and scientific institutions in non-OECD countries. The purpose with the programme is to enable Target partner to implement ideas by addressing their outcome challenges. All programmes are initiated, designed and implemented by the Target partners.

The programme content is benefiting from our Support packages. The Support packages are results of actual programme implementations, and the purpose is to offer opportunities to copy successful implementations elsewhere. HR&S offers workshops and coaching on the Support packages. The support packages can be combined.
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Successful operations are ensured through our Country offices, Programme partners, Innovation Centres and Country support teams.
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Collaboration start-up
1. HR&S offers all its tools and support packages to the collaboration.
These are presented at the website, in special folders, in meetings and seminars.
2. The potential programme partner presents:
- the objectives and scope of the programme
- potential funding sources and
- its institutional capacity.
3. HR&S proposes a ROPE programme structure.
4. HR&S offers a CUP and TAct Partnership light session.
5. A budget and / or a business idea is agreed on.
6. An MoU is signed.
7. Funds are secured.
8. The programme takes off.


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