Code of conduct

We do not judge.

We want to work together in harmony. We focus on positive communication and positive thinking, and on how to support each other in becoming a better person. We support with strengthening institutions. At the same time, we do not accept nonsense.

We do speak up.

We intend to talk the truth and put words on realities, including challenges. We are not scared of having an opinion, even if controversial. We are also not scared of changing our minds if proven wrong.

We ensure equity.

We recognise, with humble respect, that different partners are able to operate under different conditions and face different challenges. We do not patronise. The sharing of work tasks is determined by who has most experience and capacity.

We show respect.

We are respectful to the country we operate in, to the authorities, to each person and to all its institutions. Over the long-term, business success is dependent upon a network of positive and respectful relationships.

We ensure truth and trust.

Trust is more important than ever and it concerns all relationships; partners, customers, colleagues, leaders, authorities and all other stakeholders. Trust is right at the foundation of the survival and success of any business. Without trust there can be no sustainable business and a relationship without trust is not really a relationship at all. The moment a person is not trusted by an individual or team, their chances for success within that group are diminished dramatically. Our working relationships that have been built on trust are an important sustainable competitive advantage because trust is so valuable and so rare.

We promote good leadership.

The level of trust a leader is able to achieve with his or her associates is contingent upon the associate's perceptions of the leader's ability, honesty, and integrity.

We ensure good working conditions.

Social security structures, team building and work are addressed. Performance stress is acknowledged and avoided as well as master suppression techniques.

We ensure equal partnership.

The partners contribute equally with inputs and share responsibility and benefits equally. Each partner contributes according to skills and resources. All partners are present when decisions are made and policies agreed on. Expecting donations and free training, service and support from givers and / or expecting low performance and weak finance accounting from receivers is not accepted.

We ensure
sustainable economy.

Each programme has a sustainable economy plan, similar to or identical with a business plan. Donor driven programmes with time-limited budgets and no income generation are not accepted.

We ensure transparency and accountability.

Finances are transparent and accountable at all levels. Bookkeeping is performed according to international standards. All transactions have supplementary documents, such as receipts, that reflect the transaction exactly. A professional auditor reviews the books at the end of the year and financial reports are developed according to international standards.

We ensure
cross-cultural understanding.

Cross-cultural awareness is raised, expectations and core-values are agree on from both sides.

We are not activists.

We work in a professional manner.

We introduce change in a comfortable manner.

Change is introduced in parallel with a motivation and benefit plan.

Investments are secured.

Financial investments are firm and long-term planning ensured. A back-up and counseling structure in implemented addressing challenges and ensuring that the loan-taker will pay back and share the profit in an honest manner.

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