Programme management

Real-time Outcome Planning and Evaluation (ROPE)

The HR&S Real-time Outcome Planning and Evaluation (ROPE)  is a design and evaluation planning tool that ensures equal partnership, measures progress and captures lesson learned. ROPE provides a strategy for designing programmes based on the needs and the knowledge of the partners, identification of the means required in order to overcome challenges, development of a sustainable economy plan, and establishing the necessary institutional capacity.

ROPE is useful for framing for example:
- development cooperation,
- scientific research,
- social enterprising as well as
- empowerment and
- awareness raising programmes.

The concept

ROPE provides;
i) a strategy for designing programs based on the needs and the knowledge of the Target partners,
ii) means to overcome the challenges identified by the Target partners,
iii) cross-cultural understanding,
iv) quality values,
v) a sustainable economy, and 
vi) institutional capacity.

Needs driven

HR&S states that adapted solutions depend on local ownership and therefor a needs driven approach. A needs driven approach is here defined as an activity defined by the person or the persons who will be implementing the activities in actual practice (the Target partners) and who will be in a position of ensuring long-term sustainability. The focus of the Real-time outcome planning and evaluation (ROPE) tool is therefore the Target Partners and the core of all ROPE programmes is the ambitions of the Target partners. The ROPE structures operations by compiling the ambitions and goals of the Target partners, as well as outcome challenges they are constrained by, and then providing the means necessary to overcome those challenges.

Assessing causal relations
The ROPE addresses a logical relationship between the inputs, outputs, outcomes and impact of a program. The purpose is (as with any logical model)  to assess the causal relationships between the elements of the program; if the resources are available for a program, then the activities can be implemented, if the activities are implemented successfully then outputs are provided, certain outcomes can then be expected short term and impact can be expected long-term.

HR&S claims further that successful programmes and businesses depends on being continuously assessed and redesigned to ensure outcome and sustainability.

Action Principles
ROPE captures the Ten Actions.

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