Cross-cultural partnership

Cross-cultural understanding, learning and partnership (CUP)

The Cross-cultural partnership tools offers a frame for international collaboration with focus on cross-cultural equal partnership with mutual benefits. The tool is based on scientific findings and testimonies from persons with cross-cultural experiences and focuses on African and European cultures.

The CUP offers a guide for cross-cultural communication and opportunities to reflect over each partner’s expectations and each partner’s core values. The actual meaning of “equal partnership” and “mutual benefit” is defined by each partner. The tool further guides in carefully clarifying the input offered and expected by all partners, the sharing of tasks and responsibilities, and the sharing of benefits. The tool also guides through the different stages in a partnership, including start-up team-building exercises and the joint designing of activity plans and progress markers.

CUP is useful for research teams, social enterprising partners and development programme partners.

Assistant CEO Délali ADEDJE (S.E.VIE), CEO Cecilia ÖMAN (HR&S) and CEO Francois KLUTSÉ (S.E.VIE)

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