Access to safe drinking water

S.E.VIE, our partner in Togo, together with Action10 in Sweden, repaired one water pump and installed a water committee in Agbodjekpoé, in rural Togo in 2012. Water from the pump has been sold to the villagers at a fair price, and the pump has been maintained.

The conditions are that as a result of previous traditional development aid interventions, a large number of wells have been constructed and pumps installed in rural Togo but these are not maintained or repaired.  One such pumps can often be repaired at a cost of 200 Euro.

The S.E.VIE HR&S approach is to follow-up on the successful pilot project and to repair pumps and install water committees large scale. The water committees can sell the water in order to generate an income that can cover the cost for maintaining the water pump and thus sustainably offer water to the villagers.

The price of the water shall be at a level which is affordable to all villagers. The amount of water sold is expected to be large and it is possible to generate a profit to address also a social security activity in the village. Long-term the programme is expected to be linked with the scientific laboratory programme in order to analyse the quality of the water.

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