Evidence of impact

The HR&S concept has been successfully implemented since 2009 and addresses issues like:


In rural areas
-Basic education.
-Small-scale businesses.
-Table banking.
-Access to drinking water from groundwater sources.
-Solar panel installation and maintenance.
-Efficient farming.
-Value added to farming products.
-Access to the market outside the village.
-Local production and sales of sanitary pads.

In urban areas
-Business start-up support.
-Business management coaching.

In conflict areas
-Reintegration of former child soldiers.
-Trauma counseling and violence prevention.

-Strengthening scientific research.
-Access to advanced scientific equipment.
-Establishment of central scientific laboratories with sustainable economy.
-Strengthening research management.

Awareness rising
-Prevention of child abuse.
-Prevention of early pregnancies.
-Empowering women initiatives.
-Securing quality values.
-Cross-cultural understanding and learning.

Cross-cultural innovation
-Production in Africa and sales in Sweden.
-African European cross design.
-Cross-cultural learning travels.






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