How we ensure success

The capacity to work successfully in Africa is one of the strength of HR&S.

We have developed procedures that enables:
-A holistic approach capturing;
policies, research, innovation, enterprising and international collaboration.
-Strategies to manage the realities in each country.
-Cross cultural understanding.
-Equal partnership relations with mutual benefits.
-Needs driven interventions, as defined by those concerned.
-Real-time outcome evaluation planning.
-Truth, trust, harmony, equity and resilience.
-Sustainable economy and institutional capacity.
-Transformation of traditional development aid to social enterprising support.
-Enabling  local talents.
-Implementation of locally relevant scientific findings and innovations.

Father Fabien Hagenimana, Rector of INES-Ruhengeri University in Rwanda and Assoc. Prof. Cecilia Ă–MAN, CEO of Human Rights and Science.



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