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Human Rights and Science (HR&S) and its Programme partners runs Innovation Centres (InnoC) in non-OECD countries where opportunities are scarce.  The purpose with the Centres are to provide the means necessary for researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs in non-OECD countries to implement ideas in actual practice.

Thus, innovators with innovative ideas, researchers with scientific findings and entrepreneurs with business ideas, are welcome to become InnoC members. The InnoCs offers co-working space, networking, training and coaching. HR&S addresses self-financed start-ups and provides training and coaching to entrepreneurs to achieve this goal.

HR&S operates as a post-Aid social enterprise as we believe in equal partnership with shared ownership and mutual benefit (please find more information elsewhere), We still strive to keep membership fee and service cost low for start-ups in non-OECD countries, by seeking co-funding.

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