Laboratory management coaching

HR&S has developed unique tools for Laboratory management coaching:

Functioning Advanced Scientific Equipment (FAST)
Laboratory Operational Plan
Laboratory Financial Plan
Cross-cultural understanding (CUP)



Functioning advanced scientific equipment (FAST)

HR&S offers coaching and coordination on equipment management with the aim to provide access to functioning advanced scientific equipment (FAST). The FAST programme addresses the selection, procurement, transportation, installation, quality assurance, service, maintenance and decommissioning of advanced scientific equipment. A training program on equipment use, applications and maintenance is offered together with the establishment of a network of trainers and service staff. FAST also offers tools for equipment management and for the development of a sustainable economy, arranges stakeholder meetings and technician forums as well as identifies reliable suppliers.



“The University of Ibadan Multidisciplinary Central Research Laboratory (MCRL) is a testament to the success of FAST (before now called PRISM) in Nigeria. Even though we did not achieve all our objectives, FAST was a huge success in transforming our attitude to the running of research laboratories in Nigeria and your contributions to this are invaluable. We have been able to prove in University of Ibadan through the FAST experience that we can run a research facility sustainably if we pay attention to operational and financial plans and all the strong points of FAST. Even though I handed over as Chairman over two years ago, MCRL is still waxing strong thanks to the sound foundation that we laid through FAST”.

Prof. Charles AWORH,
University of Ibadan, Nigeria