Management & Partners

HR&S has a strong and experienced team, which has the skills and will to execute the mission. The team is dedicated to serving others in a respectful manner  and has unyielding ethics. The team is composed of a balanced number of men and women, and has an international composition to capture knowledge from different parts of the world.

Advisory Board: The Advisory board members are senior experts on topics of relevance for HR&S, who offers advice on topics influencing the direction of HR&S.
Management & Operations: The Management is in charge of governance and management, while the Operations carries out the work of the organisation. The members are staff and volunteer staff. The Headquarters is in Stockholm, and the Country offices are in our Target countries.
Expert committee: The Expert committee is composed of expert in various disciplines and capacities who provides advice.
Partners: The Programme partners are Institutions registered in the Target countries that are in charge of the operations in the country. The Strategic partners are institutions with parallel and overlapping programmes.
Country support team: The Country support team is independent from the Programme partners or any other stakeholder and are advising and coaching in the Target countries.

Advisory Board members
Prof. Charles O. AWORH  Nigeria
Prof. Gnon BABA Togo
Prof. Akiça BAHRI Tunisia
Prof Berit BALFORS Sweden
Pastor Wilberforce BEZUDDE Sweden
Prof. Yvonne BONZI Burkina Faso
Priest Anita ELWESKIÖLD  Sweden
CEO. Anders KINDING Sweden (Advisory Board coordinator)
Prof. Paul SAWADOGO Burkina Faso
Leg. doctor Åsa SCHLYTER Sweden

Cecilia ÖMAN, Sweden: CEO.
Van SMUKOFF, Bulgaria/Sweden: Gowth.
Olha KARAVAYEVA, Ukraine/Sweden: International law.

Action principles
Evaluation planning and Needs driven programmes (EP)
Caroline BRUNDIN, Sweden: Evaluation planning manager.
Institutional capacity and Strategic partnership (IC)
Olha KARAVAYEVA, Ukraine/Sweden: International law.
Knowledge sharing and Visibility (KS)

Shinwei YEN, Taiwan: Website.
Nathalie PERSSON, Madagascar/Sweden: Event manager.
Sustainable economy
Athanassia FOURLA, Greece/Sweden: Grant manager.
Deodathe NDAZIVUNYE, Rwanda: Consultancy manager.
Quality values, Resilience and Equal partnership (QV)

Van SMUKOFF, Bulgaria/Sweden: Growth.

Service programmes
Rural & Urban development
Melissa DIXON, Colombia/Sweden
Research management
Innovation and enterprising
Enkeleda IBRAHIMI, Albania/Sweden
Victor REYES, Chile/Sweden
Project management

Internship programme
Victor REYES, spring 2018, InnoC programme.
Enkeleda IBRAHIMI, spring 2018, InnoC programme.

In-house Consultants
Anna-Kari ARMANDT, Sweden. Finance administration and accounting.

In-house Country advisers
Purity AWINO, Kenya.
Danny BANNA: Togo, Ghana.
Ramadhan BUKENYA: Uganda.
Peter ROBERT, Liberia.

Expert Committee
Advisor Name  /   Area of Expertise     /    Country of Residence

PhD.  Sune ERIKSSON, Application Chemistry, Sweden
PhD.  Amah KLUSTE, Water and sanitation, Togo
PhD and Med. Dr. Anna ÅGREN, Health, Sweden
PhD Martin BRITS, Application Chemistry, South Africa
PhD Peter FURU, Natural environment, Denmark
PhD. Ziad MOUSSA, Evaluation planning- Outcome mapping, Lebanon
PhD Ammar MUNIR, Solar energy, United Arab Emirates
MSc Nathalie PERSSON, Food and nutrition, Sweden
Ms. Jenny ROSENBLAD, Procurement, Sweden
Med. Dr. Åsa SCHLYTER, Psychiatry,Sweden
PhD Tonie WICKMAN, Groundwater and forestry, Sweden
MSc Erik GUSTAVSSON,  Waste management, Sweden

Programme Partners
The Programme partners are Institutions registered in the Target countries that are in charge of the operations in the country.
The programme partners may host the HR&S offices as well as the Innovation Centres.

Kenya: Livelihood Improvement Programme (LIP).
Liberia: Initiative for the Development of Former Child Soldiers (IDEFOCS).
Nigeria: SpellAfrica and PSAN.
Rwanda: University of INES-Ruhengeri and STYLOS.
Togo: Association Solidarité Enfance et Vie (S.E.VIE) and University of Kara.
Uganda: Pamoja.

Strategic Partners
The strategic partners collaborates with HR&S on a variety of topics, with or without formal agreements.
In Sweden we stay updated with the work of :
- Our Target countries' Bmbassies.
- Sida development talks, EBA, FuF, Transparency International, Riksrevisionen and Utrikespolitiska institutionen.

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