Mill - Crop value addition

S.E.VIE, our partner in Togo, has together with HR&S installed mills in rural Togo and provided a maintenance programme and a sustainable economy opportunity.
HR&S provides start-up capital. The start-up capital is paid back with 10 % interest. The interest sustains the programme and covers all running costs including salaries, transportation etc.
EURO 1,000 is used to  procure and install one mill. The owner of the mill is already aware of mill maintenance and is trained on business management by S.E.VIE. S.E.VIE also visit regularly to address any challenges and to collect the debt.
The villagers are invited to mill their crops, often casawa and corn, and for this service the villagers pay a fee. The mill also makes it possible for the villagers to produce different types of food and drinks which they can sell and establish a business.
The fee paid to the owner of the panel is used to pay-back the loan and interest to HR&S and the services to S.E.VIE. The fee is also used to pay for the maintenance of the mill. The profit remains with the owner of the mill.
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