HR&S operates through a network of institutions.

The Headquarters in Stockholm
has the governance overview and benefits from its Management, Operations staff, Advisory board, Country and Technical advisers.

HR&S has set up a Country office in each Target country.
The Country office is hosted by a local professional institution with deep country understanding, excellent reputation and broad network. The Country office offers seminars and workshops on the HR&S Tools and Support packages.

HR&S  collaborates with Programme partners in the Target countries.
The programme partners constitutes links with the Target partners. The Programme partners have education, access to internet and exceptional links, communication with and understanding of the Target partners.

In addition, HR&S sets up Innovation Centres in its Target countries.
These Centres offers a platform for researchers, innovators and social entrepreneurs to work under efficient and motivating condition to implement their ideas in actual practice. The Innovation Centres are hosted by the Country offices or by independent Co-working space institutions.

Each Target country benefits from a Support team of local independent consultants,
whose task is to ensure the HR&S quality values; truth, trust, harmony, equity and resilience. The consultants have tasks related to their professions including finance auditing, finance accounting and administration, national and international law as well as story telling, photograph and video production.

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