Our Mission


We believe in strengthened international development capacity and our mission is to ensure that talents in Africa benefit from the same opportunities as talents in opportunity prone parts of the world. We have developed expertise within four corner stones of international development; scientific research, innovation, social enterprising and improved livelihood. Our Research management programme creates an enabling environment for quality scientific research.  Our Innovation Centres enables change makers to implement their research findings, innovations, and livelihood improvement interventions. Our social enterprising start-up and scale-up programme offers business management coaching and financial loans. International development interventions must, according to us, be needs driven and governed by equal partnership. We define a “needs driven” as an intervention designed by the person(s) who shall benefit from the change, implement the activities, and make the intervention sustainable. Equal partnership is a work relation built on trust where the partners share inputs, operational responsibilities and benefits equally.

Two pillars in our approach concerns quality values and cross-cultural understanding. We ensure transparency and accountability in ethics and governance and target truth, trust, equity, harmony, resilience. Resilience it is the capacity to stay strong for each other, being humble, flexible, focused, listening carefully, never judge and never give up. Cross-cultural understanding is key to equal partnership collaboration across borders.  Culture determines how people interact why understanding how to work with people from other cultures is a vital skill for success. Two other pillars in the approach are institutional capacity and sustainable economy as all partner institutions must be able to handle as their assignments and have sustainable revenues to be able to be innovative and to grow.


Cecilia Öman
Executive Director, HR&S

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