Prevention of early pregnancies

In 2012, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in Togo conducted a study in the primary schools (age 6 - 12) and in the secondary schools (age 12-15). This study revealed 5,443 cases of early pregnancies during the school year 2011-2012, of which 230 pregnancies were recorded in the primary school.

In 2015, S.E.VIE was approached by teachers who pleaded for action and S.E.VIE together with Action10 in Sweden and HR&S decided to address the situation and initiate a programme that would prevent pregnancies among school girls below the age of 15.

It was further agreed to raise awareness regarding early pregnancies and early marriage targeting young women aged 15 to 18 and to provide adequate support to teenagers who have become pregnant.  The programme shall also address the use of adequate contraception to control pregnancies.

The prevention of early pregnancies programme is composed of trainings and awareness raising discussions targeting all stakeholders.

Action10 set up crowd-funding schemes to raise the necessary start-up capital. The S.E.VIE approach to make the programme financially sustainable is to provide drinking water to rural community at a fair price. This is expected to generate a profit that can cover the cost for also sustaining the prevention of early pregnancy programme.

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