ROPE Monitoring

It is of key importance to acknowledge that the purpose with the ROPE monitoring is to ensure that the TP can implement their ambitions. The monitoring done to be able to adjust and improve the programme to benefit the TPs better and not primarily to report to other stakeholders. The customer care of HR&S is with the TPs and while  doing so HR&S will be able to also report to the HR&S supporters.

HR&S is using a modified version of "Contribution tracing" for the monitoring and evaluation of programmes. ‘Contribution Tracing’ (CT) is a rigorous quali-quantitative approach that is used in impact evaluations to test the validity of claims. CT is inspired by the principles of Process Tracing and Bayesian updating (probability), and attempts to make these methods accessible, relevant and applicable.

ROPE-Monitoring measure whether the outputs of the programme have contributed to the observed outcomes, and asks the questions:
- How credible is the measurement?
- Do key stakeholders agree with the measurement?
- Does the pattern of results observed validate the results chain?
- What has been the role of external influences and other contributing factors?
- Where are the main weaknesses in the measurement?

Having identified where the contribution story is less credible, additional evidence is gathered to augment the evidence.

The ROPE - Monitoring also addresses Financial Transparency and accountability as presented in the Transparency tool (TrAcc).

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Download ROPE templates
Program Journal Template DESIGN_v.10.03
Programme Journal Template _ MONITORING_v.2.0

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