ROPE Evaluation

Using a generative perspective on causality to infer that a programme made an important contribution to an outcome or an impact, contribution tracing argues that a reasonable contribution causal claim can be made if:
- There is a reasoned results chain that is supported by evidence and are agreed upon by most of the stake-holders.
- Other influencing factors have been assessed and either shown not to have made a significant contribution or their relative role in contributing to the desired result has been recognized.

The ROPE addresses a logical relationship between the inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impact of a programme. The purpose is (as with any logical model)  to assess the causal relationships between the elements of the program; if the resources are available for a programme, then the activities can be implemented, if the activities are implemented successfully then outputs are provided, certain outcomes can then be expected short term and impact can be expected long-term.

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Download ROPE Design template
Program Journal Template DESIGN_v.10.01

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