Sales in Sweden

HR&S offers African products and African travels for sale in Sweden.

The purpose is to:
- Strengthen our partner´s businesses.
We offer a new market, business coaching,  and social security funds.
- Provide a platform for cross-cultural learning.
We promote products and visits that bridges between cultures and connects people.

African products
The items have been produced in Kenya, Liberia, Togo and Uganda.
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African travels
Travels are arranged to Togo, Kenya and Rwanda.
The travels are designed per group of visitors and can target our academic programmes, rural development programmes and tourist sites.



Partners and products

Ms. Délali ADEDJE
1. West African fabric.
2. Bags and other items produced with West African fabric by local tailors.

Mr. Fredrick O. ATINGA
1. East African fabric.
2. Clothes: European design with African fabric produces with own design.
3. Bags in East African fabric.

Ms. Jeanette KLUTSÉ
1. Shea butter with different scents.



Mr. Benard OMONY
1. Glass items produced from glass bottles.
2. Baskets made of straw.
3. Cards with artistic design.
4. Beads made of paper.
5. Sandals made of tires.

Mr. Sheik THURAY
1. Coffee beans

Mr "Rasta"
1. Knitted items: caps, scarfs, jackets.
2. Necklaces made of glass pearls.

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