Based on the ROPE-Monitoring tool
HR&S offers surveys, including baseline surveys and programme design surveys.

Baseline survey
A baseline survey most often provides a foundation against which to assess progress. HR&S baseline surveys also provides recommendations on progress markers and evaluation methods.

Programme design survey
An HR&S programme design survey offers a proposal on how to develop and implement a programme. It identifies the baseline, the outcome challenges, progress markers and output map. It addresses quality values, cross-cultural understanding, sustainable economy, institutional capacity and agreed on inputs.

Evaluation design survey
The evaluation design survey addresses a logical relationship between the inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impact of a program. The purpose is (as with any logical model)  to assess the causal relationships between the elements of the program; if the resources are available for a programme, then the activities can be implemented, if the activities are implemented successfully then outputs are provided, then certain outcomes can then be expected short term and impact can be expected long-term. The survey compiles the challenges that the Target partners face.  Linked to each challenge are Progress markers, which are well defined and measurable indicators of progress. The purpose with the Progress markers is to enable evaluation planning of the programme activities. Thus, the Progress markers are generated to be easily monitored and assessed.

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