Support packages

HR&S has developed a set of unique  Support packages. The Support packages are results of actual programme implementations, and the purpose is to offer opportunities to copy successful implementations elsewhere. The support packages can be combined. HR&S offers workshops and coaching on the Support packages.

The Support packages are:

- Rural and urban development.
- Post-war development.
- Research management.
- Laboratory management.
- Innovation.
- Social enterprising.
- Empowerment.
- Cross-cultural learning.

Rural development

Basic services in vulnerable settlements compiles knowledge about livelihood improvement methods and technique. As HR&S builds its capacity from experience in actual practice and as we facilitate initiatives designed and implemented by local stakeholders, we have genuine understanding about solutions that provides improved livelihood in actual practice.

Research management

The scientific research management support package addresses training on scientific research methods and tools, access to functioning advanced scientific equipment and cross cultural research collaboration.  The scientific research management support package requires significant input from the researchers and commitment by the scientific institution management.

Laboratory management

The Laboratory management support package provides guidance on equipment and laboratory management with the aim to provide researchers with access to functioning advanced scientific equipment. The Support packags addresses the selection, procurement, transportation, installation, quality assurance, accreditation, use, service, maintenance and decommissioning of advanced scientific equipment. It also offers tools for the development of a Central laboratory with a sustainable economy; stakeholder meetings; technician forums and identification of reliable suppliers.

Cross-cultural innovation

Cross-cultural innovation provides a knowledge bank and a meeting platform for innovators from different cultures to share and collaborate. It addresses knowledge sharing, cross cultural research collaboration as well as motivation and efficient working conditions.

Women empowerment

The programme offers opportunities for discussions and awareness raising workshops around challenges. The Women empowerment programme builds on two pillars; practical solutions and encouragement and can be designed to target  women in different situations, such as academic sector or villages.

Children’s rights

The programme address both children and youths. It offers opportunities for youth's to start social enterprises. It also offers awareness raising around beating children as well as early pregnancies.

Post-war integration

The integration activities addresses new-comers to Sweden as well as integration of former-child soldiers in Liberia.

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