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Empowering international development collaboration

We do see the number of extremely poor people in Sub-Sahara African countries increasing every year. This is unacceptable.
Of course this can be avoided, but seemly not through the present methods of the Aid Industry.

HR&S offers a shift o paradigm.
Please join our webinars so that HR&S can present our practical strategy to you and we can discuss it together to be able to agree on how to act together.


24-28 May 2021.
We start at 4 pm
CEST (Central European Summer Time) every day.
Monday: one hour introduction,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday : three hour webinar per day.
Friday: two hour presentation, 5 min per participant that aspires for a Certificate.

The fee for attending a workshop series of ten hours is, EUR:
10 / 50 per participant from SSA / outside SSA
100 / 500 per institution from SSA / outside SSA, 5 participants


Human Rights & Science (HR&S) recognises researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in lower-income countries who present amazing social business ideas and support them. Our main aim is to implement locally developed and locally adapted solutions. We have  20 years of experience from collaborations with Sub-Sahara African country stakeholders in Sub-Sahara African countries, and have developed practical strategies and tools, local presence and a large network of advisers and practitioners.

HR&S addresses the context of global development stakeholders operating in Sub-Sahara African countries (SSA), with the purpose of facilitating an enabling international development collaboration environment.

We offer Global Development – International investment workshops that bring together different actors who are addressing a positive development in Sub-Sahara Africa.  The workshops offer lectures and discussions that aim to provide opportunities to bring about positive change and development. We offer a transformational training packages designed to inspire stakeholders to become innovative change-makers. Development practitioners develop creative capacity and acquire new skills to do manage national & international development programmes that are sustainable have evidence based impact.

Structure of the training

HR&S trainings are stuctured around evaluation planning. Evaluation planning describes how we monitor and evaluate the way we address our activites, as well as how we intend to use evaluation results for activity improvement and decision making.  HR&S benefits from our own “Real-time Outcome Planning & Evaluation” tool (ROPE) and the training sessions are structured around the ROPE Strategy for Change template. It is obvious from the above that ROPE is an iterative process and that the Strategy for Change is continiously revised, as a result of lessons learned. 

The set-up is two-fold; each practitioner’s  own career and workplan ambitions combined with the  ambitions of the management of the institution where the practitioner work.

HR&S trainings are instructor led and delivered by using a blended learning approach. It combines presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise, group work and home work. Our facilitators are seasoned experts with years of experience, working as professionals and trainers in these fields.


  1. A Strategy for Change (SfC) sheet. The SfC sheet supports the activities to be addressed by the participants/institutions directly after the training is completed.
  2. Upon successful completion of the training and individual presentation, participants will be issued with a certificate.

Expected Outcome

Evidence based impact.

Contact & payment

Please, if you represent a country with a RISE Centre, you may want to contact this RISE Centre for webinar questions and payment details. Please, send proof of payment through the email to the Country RISE Centre or otherwise to

  • Burkina Faso:
  • Kenya, Nairobi:
  • Liberia:
  • Nigeria:
  • Togo:
  • Sweden:

Representatives from elswhere, please contact for questions. Payment details via Sweden are:
Bank: SEB, Bank address: SEB 5273, 10640 Stockholm, Sweden,
SWIFT/BIC: ESSESESS, IBAN: SE9350000000052731032863,
“Bankgiro” No: 896-6608, Bank account No: 5273-1032863



  1. Teamwork.
  2. Net-working.
  3. Knowledge-sharing.
  4. Time-management.

Strengthening institutional capacity

  1. Strategy for change.
  2. Sustainable economy.
  3. Accounting.
  4. Stakeholder analysis.
  5. Evaluation planning.
  6. Service and maintenance of scientific equipment..

Sharing about Practical strategies

  1. Ethical and management principles.
  2. Trust, transparency, and accountability.
  3. Cross-cultural understanding.
  4. Real-time outcome planning and evaluation.
  5. Physical infrastructure, financial support, coaching.
  6. Testing the strength of scientific evidence for impact.

Action Areas

  1. RISE Support Centres
  2. Investment capital loans
  3. Accountability management
  4. Branding & Public relations
  5. Motivation
  6. Social enterprise management
  7. Impact assessment


  • Scientific research
  • Social enterprising


Global development stakeholders must come from a platform where we understand that we are all the same.

HR&S is an expert in handling such. HR&S is fast and flexible, we learn by mistake and we make informed decisions. This is not a straight path, because HR&S works with CHANGE, but every year and in every programme we make progress, sometimes small, sometimes big.

HR&S wants development institutions to be so impressed by what we are doing that they always want to collaborate with us. We do reach the underserved population and we do implement sustainable livelihood improvements.

Annual Training package

Our annual training package contains a series of workshops. The package targets anyone who are eligible and are interested in attending.

The training starts with an introduction at an HR&S RISE Centre, continues with three three-hour webinars  and ends with an examination at the RISE Centre.  Each participant prepares a presentation to share during the last session. Good presentations are rewarded with certificates.

It is the participant’s own material that will be in focus. The workshop sessions take place on-site and/or online or at the RISE Centre with HR&S Sweden being on-site and/or online.


Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be issued with a certificate.


Delegates should be proficient in English.
Each course attracts 20-40 participants.


Staff and volunteers attached to Global Development institutions, National Decelopment Institutions, students and other persons and institutions  interested in international development.

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Date & venue

Each workshop series is repeated every a year.
This event take during the last week of the month May.
Monday: one hour introduction,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thusday : thee hour webinar per day.
Friday: two hour presentation, 5 min per participant.

The upcoming event takes place during 24-28 May 2021 and we start 4 pm CEST (Central European Summer Time) every day.

Price & payment

The fee for attending a workshop series of seven sessions is
EUR 10 per person,
EUR 100 per national institution (five participants) and
EUR 1000 per international institution (five participants).

Please, transfer the fee to HR&S RISE Centres different bank accounts  before commencement of the training. Send proof of payment through the email

You are welcome to contact us


tailor-made Trainings

Our trainings are structured around on-line webinars managed from HR&S Sweden.

Our tailor-made trainings are designed according to the request by the customer. Among the different options are:

  1. The training can be in the format of seminars, or workshops or both.
  2. It may start  with an introduction at an HR&S RISE Centre and end with presentation by each participant at the HR&S RISE Centres, or one of these options or none.
  3. It can contain a certain amount of information combined with a test, and then generate a certificate for the participansts that manage the requirements.
  4. It can be held condenced during one week, or be spread out over a period of maximum three months.
  5. The number of webinars can range between five up to twenty. Each shall be one, two, three or four hours. Participants receives homework to be addresses in-between the online sessions.


Upon successful completion of the training and individual presentation, participants will be issued with a certificate.


Delegates should be proficient in English.
Each course preferably attracts around 20 participants.


Staff and volunteers attached to development institutions, students and other persons interested in international development.


The workshops will be held online and possibly on-site at our HR&S RISE Centres.

Price & payment

The cost for one series of ten hours  tailor-made training is Euro 5,000.

You are welcome to contact us


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