RISE Support Centre Kenya

A zoom meeting was held between HR&S and RISE Centre Kenya on 03/09/2020, 0300 hours to 0530 hours.


Attendees included:

Cecilia ÖMAN-Chairperson, CEO HR&S

Millicent SIFUNA-Secretary, Evaluation planning coach

Collins OWUOR-Public relations coach

Ann CHEBET-Accounting coach


Reading of Agenda

The chairperson welcomed all the members present. The Agenda of the meeting was clearly introduced to members by the chairperson. The agenda was approved by all the members.

The contract between coaches and Dolas creation

The chairperson confirmed that the signed contract between the coaches and Dolas was received by HR&S. She requested to know if the coaches received their payments as per the contract. All the coaches confirmed that they received their payments (225 euros each). The chairperson requested the accounting coach to prepare signed receipts of receiving of the money. Ann, the accounting coach said that she is already preparing for this and that she will complete the assignment immediately after she concludes on preparing the investment overview with the partnering Institution, Dolas creation. Ann confirmed that she has planned to meet with Frederick, representing Dolas creation, on Friday, 4/9/2020 to finalize on the same.

About Rise Centre

The chairperson wanted to know if there were any proposals for the location, address for our RISE centre. This she said will be especially important for meetings and accessing tools for carrying out the various activities for the centre. She also asked members for types of businesses (that have a social impact) that will ensure the centre is running. She requested members to think about the average cost for the centre and in future if few computers, electricity and website will be installed then scaled up over time. Members gave out various suggestions including opening up a community health centres in collaboration with qualified health personnel, starting agribusiness, offering training and consultancy services and more. This will be presented in a separate report after further elaboration. The chairperson requested the accounting coach to prepare two separate ledger books in our bank account, one for ActionInvest and the other for RISEinvest.

Incorporating the survey coach into the programme

The chairperson wanted to know if there were any proposals for a survey coach. The coaches confirmed that they had identified one person who would be an asset to the team, David. After in depth discussions, it was agreed that he will be offered the assignment to join the team. The chairperson asked the coaches to share his contacts and resume so that HR&S can contact him to discuss further about the programme.  

The table banking project

The chairperson explained to members about the table banking project for Amani women group in Molo, Nakuru. She stated that the evaluation planning coach was to take the survey coaching assignment, do a survey, collect and compile monitoring data. She mentioned that the HR&S with the Amani women group will then make a decision on whether to continue with the partnership. The chairperson stated that if they both agree to continue with the partnership, the coaches will then be incorporated which all members agreed.

Monthly HR&S training

The chairperson mentioned that HR&S is planning to start training programmes on first Wednesday of every month at 6-7 pm. She added that the training targets all RISE centres and Programme managers in different countries. All members agreed to attend the trainings.

Other business

The public relations coach asked members to visit FB and Instagram accounts for Dolas creation, like and share the pages. Members agreed that they will be writing and sharing discussion in any meeting for journal update. Millicent insisted that Fika is key in any given meeting and all members agreed i.e. living the Swedish way ;-).


The meeting was adjourned at 0530hrs.


(The next meeting between HR&S and Rise Centre Kenya will be held on 8th October, 2020)

Social business – Painsville

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