H15. RISE Centres in Togo

Social good

In 2019 we started a RISE centre in Lomé together with Leaders and Development (L&D). Founder and CEO of L&D is Dr Milohum DZAGLI.

RISE Centre Lomé  RISE centre in Lomé will manage Business support.
Business support
1. Cooperatives in villages with M Yawo (A3).
2. Small scale businesses in Tsévié with S.E.VIE (A27).
3. Solan panels and mills in villages with M Yawo.


Social business – Lomé

The RISE Centres Lomé is a social enterprises unit and an HR&S local office. The RISE Centres Lomé manages a RISE invest fund, an Action invest fund, accountability management, RISE centre services and RISE centre related businesses. Possible future social businesses include provision of HRS& Shop items and joint ventures with HR&S Sweden.

RISE invest & Action Invest

Loan management conditions
The RISE Centres manages a RISE invest fund and possibly an Action invest fund, and give out loans to social entrepreneurs with 15 % interest. Each interest fund unit shall contribute to the salary of one staff member to manage the programme, the bank account fees, money transfer costs, internet for be used on partner communication, auditor, survey manager and coach.  A local HR&S /Action10 local RISE Centre bank account is opened in the name of the local partner. The funds must be paid back to the HR&S/Action10 local RISE Centre account without exception. Paid back funds is always 100 % reinvested in new business. The fund level shall be EURO 30,000 per unit. When the target amount for the fundraising campaign has been reached then the fundraising for that programme ends. The RISE invest fund is then expected to manage a sustainable business. 5 % of the fund is set aside for the support and control staff, thus EURO 500 per assignment and year. 10 % of the interest shall pay the bank account fees, money transfer costs and the rest shall contribute to the salary of one employed programme manager. The support & control staff shall be assigned by, or at least be approved by the RISE Centre management. The support and control staff can be employed by the RISE Centre. The Programme managers shall support the loan takers by i) informing locally about the concept of RISE invest / Action Invest and collect approval from the relevant authorities, ii) coordinate the local partners and periodically collect pay-back money, iii) provide training on business management adapted to the local circumstances, and iv) provide direct coaching and address challenges. The accountability management includes monthly bookkeeping with bank account statements and internal control as well as quarterly external auditing yearly auditing report and management response, quarterly programme surveys with yearly reporting and monthly coaching of the HR&S practical strategies. During the creation of the fund, 15% of the transfer of funds shall cover the survey manager, the auditor and the coach (minimum EURO 300 per year and assignment). Each RISE Centre can run several RISE invest units.

Conditions for loan takers
The loans are paid back with 15% annual interest. Periodical bank accounts statements and annual external auditing are used as evidence for that the investment capital is managed and paid back according to agreement. The first loan  shall be small and a second larger loan, and other further loans, shall only be granted if the business is well managed. The loan takers contribute financially with 10 % of the request loan amount, which is paid back when the loan agreement has been cleared. The loan taker provides a guarantee, the type of guarantee is depending on the context. The guarantee can be an asset, and a cooperative approach and a social structure support and control network.

RISE invest and Action invest separate conditions

RISE invest The capital of the RISE invest funds is raised through Crowd-funding “StartSomeGood”. HR&S charges 20 % of the raised funds, the crowdfunding platform 5 % and the Swedish Government 25 % in tax. Each RISE Centre can run several RISE invest units.

Action Invest The Action Invest fund is managed by Action10. www.Action.org. The capital of the funds is raised through the Crowd-funding platform “Global giving” and through Action10 members monthly givers. Global giving is an active platform and charges 12 % of the raised funds.

Accountability management

The RISE Centre is responsible for the local running of the “Accountability management programme”. The support & control staff ensuring auditing, survey managing and coaching shall be assigned by, or at least be approved by the RISE Centre management. The support and control staff can be employed by the RISE Centre. Fifteen % of transferred investment capital is invested in accountability measures. Five % (minimum EUR 300) each in auditing, survey managing and coaching, in this priority order. When the investment capital or profit is large enough, then the local income shall sustain the auditor, survey manager and coach fees.

Auditing The auditor does quarterly auditing, including one at the end of the fiscal year. Most likely, when doing the quarterly auditing, the auditor will give guidance on how she/he would like the bookkeeping to look at the end of the year. The auditor produces and end of the year auditing report and ensures a management response.

Survey management The survey manager visits quarterly. In terms of programme and financial monitoring, the survey manager follow the TestE strategy, and sends reports to HR&S after each visit. Data is also exchanged through ROPEdata.se

Coaching The coach visits monthly. In terms of programme, the coach follow the ROPE strategy, and feeds information to the Programme Journal. In terms of financial coaching, the coach ensures quarterly control of the bookkeeping, as well as internal and external financial control systems. Data is exchanged through ROPEdata.se.

RISE centre services

The Centre also offers access to computers and other office equipment as well as work space, training and coaching to the RISE Centre members. The costs for procuring the computers and other items is covered through donations.  The income shall cover the running cost of the Centre, including internet and electricity.

RISE centre related businesses

Centre related small-scale businesses are encouraged that will generate income to increase the number of staff, improve the quality of equipment and the quality and location of Centre it-self. This can be transportation, accommodation, food & drinks, renting out venue, etc.

Provision of HR&S Shop items

The Centre links with those partners who produces items that can be sold in the Shop in Sweden.

Joint venture with HR&S Sweden

The Centre is encouraged to initiate additional community driven social enterprises that will further increase the income.

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