A29. Development in rural Burkina Faso

HR&S is partnering with l’Association pour le Développement du Monde Rural SONG-TAABA (ADMR–SONG-TAABA) in Burkina Faso in May 2021. The mission of this association is to promote the social, economic and cultural development of all villages of Burkina Faso. The association was created in  1997 and has its head-quaters in Lantaga,  Commune de Pilimpikou. The secretary general is Mr Issaka Guiguemde. The activities of the SONG-TAABA Association began in 1998. They cover all of Burkina Faso, in particular the Municipality of Pilimpikou.

Specific objectives

  • Strengthening of human relations between all its members through solidarity acting;
  • Monitoring and execution of projects initiated in favor of the development of all villages in Burkina Faso, in particular in the following areas: water, education, health.

Programmes implemented prior to partnering with HR&S

Health sector. Construction and equipment of a health centre, Ophthalmological care given to the populations, Provision of corrective lenses to populations
Education.  Sponsorship of students from primary to secondary school. Construction of four housing for teachers. Construction of 33 primary and secondary classrooms. Manufacture of 500 tray tables, 33 desks, 34 chairs, 33 cabinets and 37 tables to equip the classes. Classroom electrification by solar panels
Socio – economic sector.  Acquisition of a multifunctional platform for women. Granting of credit to women.
Water. Construction of 39 new boreholes. Construction of two large diameter wells.  Rehabilitation of 148 defective boreholes. Construction of a “bouli” (water retention of 17,500 m3 ). Repair of a raft bridge connecting two villages
Agriculture Carrying out of an integrated development project (water conservation and soil rehabilitation). Manufacture of plows and carts for the populations. Realization of a poultry project.


Input: SONG-TAABA has benefited from input to a total value of FCFA 632,202,743  (EUR 1,000,000). This capture external donations, own financial contribution, own work hours and own physical resources.