HR&S provides researchers, innovators, and social entrepreneurs in Sub-Sahara African countries with the opportunities required for them to implement their development ideas.

We offer strategies and coaching in order to create an enabling environment for quality scientific research, implementation of research findings and innovations, and social enterprising start- and scale-up.

We reflect, create, implement and learn.
This is the HR&S continuous iterative cycle.

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In the HR&S business, there are a number of different parameters to pay attention to. Therefore, HR&S has developed and implemented six PracticalStrategies (PS) and nine ActionAreas  (AA) in order to achieve results in actual practice. 
All the PSs and all the AAs interdepend and the HR&S mission is to address all of them simultaneously and real-time. To achieve this, we have developed step by step structures that are easy to follow and easy to measure.

We offer:

  1. Seminars, workshops & coaching addressing our PPs and AAs to development institutions
  2. Workshops and coaching on research and laboratory management to academic institutions
  3. Investment capital loans, local coaching, expert advice, and other products and services to local social entrepreneurs


1. Ethical and management principles (TAct)
2. Trust, transparency and accountability (TRUST)
3. Cross-cultural understanding (CROSS)
4. Real-time outcome planning and evaluation (ROPE)
5. Physical infrastructure, financial support, coaching (RISE)
6. Testing the strength of scientific evidence for impact (TestE)


  1. RISE Support centres
  2. Investment capital loans
  3. Accountability management
  4. Branding & Public relations
  5. Motivation
  6. Social enterprise management
  7. Research management
  8. Laboratory management
  9. Impact assessment
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