HR&S RISE Support Centres

We have established Research, Innovation and Social Enterprising (RISE) Support Centres in six Sub-Sahara African countries, and we seeking opportunites to scale.

While the Centres provide support to local social entrepreneurs, researchers and innovatores to offer their producs and services to the local community, they also serve as local HR&S represenatives and offices.

Each Centre is always on a programme of capacity strengthening through weekly interactions with HR&S Sweden.

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Location & Service


  • Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou
  • Kenya, Nairobi
  • Liberia, Monrovia
  • Nigeria, Abuja
  • Togo, Lomé
  • Uganda, Kampala


Each Centre has its own set-up, depending on the needs and the context.

Besides the support programmes to the member programmes,  the Centres offer consultancy, seminars and workshops addressing the HR&S practical strategies and ActionAreas to strategic parnters.

Burkina Faso

HR&S RISE Support Centre in Burkina Faso

Management & Coaches

Under development


  •  Senexel
    Laboratory accreditation
    Dr. Mr. Boubacar SENOU,


HR&S RISE Support Centre in Kenya

Management & Coaches

Millicent SIFUNA – Evaluation planning coach and Team-leader.
David AURA – Survey management coach.
Collins OWOUR – Branding & Public relations coach.
Ann CHEBET – Accounting coach.
VACANT – Auditor.


  •  Dolas Creation
    with the design and tailoring production in slum area project.
    Frederick ATING’A, CEO and Founder
    Sammy, CEO Assistant
  • Amani Women Group
    with the Table banking project.
    Mama CIRU, CEO and Founder.
    Nancy GITHAIGAH, communication.


University of Nairobi.

Customer segment reflections

That the difference and complexity of people can surprise you. It is always a good idea to speak to people directly and to try to learn as much as possible about them and their ways of life. Once you understand how someone lives, you can also understand what they need, what they want, and how they want to get it. Once you know this information, you are one step closer to providing the right offer for your customers. Secondly, there are often many customer segments that companies will reach out to. If it is not working, do not try to fit all the characteristics into one segment but instead, create several segments. Thirdly, don’t forget that the people using your product are not always the ones buying it! You have to keep in mind both of these sets of people when thinking about your customer segments. An obvious example is that people buy products for their dogs. However, a less obvious one is that women very often choose what shampoo a man will use! This simply means that even if you are selling a men’s shampoo, it could be that you will have to target a female customer segment.

  1. Academic isntitution top and mid mangement, researchers, students and technicians.
  2. Social entrepreneurs.
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-09 at 16.27.52

Coaching meeting with Dolas Creation in Nairobi 2020. From left to right Frederick ATING’A, Collins OWOUR, Ann CHEBET, and Millicent SIFUNA.

Value proposition

Research management at Nairobi university

Under discussion with the University.
A low-cost seminar for mid management is offered for 2020.

RISE Centre

  • Member support – Dolas Creation
    • ActionInvest: Scale-up loan and coaching support.
    • RISEinvest: Top up the scale-up loan amount.
  • Coaching on social enterprise management for university students & social entrepreneurs PILOT 2020-21
    ROPE, SfC and RISEinvest by Cecilia and Millicent together.
    • Mini-course.
      The training concerns how to plan for and run a social enterprise benefitting from ROPE
      The mini course starts with an introduction at the HR&S RISE Centre, continues with five one hour on-line seminars from HR&S  Sweden and ends with an exam at the RISE Centre.
      If the trainee passes the exam, she/he receives a certificate.
    • Workshop.
      Trainees with business ideas and HR&S Mini course certificates are welcome to attend a workshop.
      Here the entrepreneur´s own business plan will be scrutinized.
      The workshop takes place at the RISE Centre with HR&S Sweden being on site or on-line.
      If it can be agreed that the business plan combines social good with a profitable business plan, then the entrepreneur can seek a loan.
    • Loan taker contract.
      Develop and sign loan-taker agreement and a coaching agreement and start a loan-taker scheme.


HR&S RISE Support Centre in Liberia

HR&S RISE Support Centre in Liberia

Management & Coaches

Ramses HUTCHINS – Evaluation planning coach.
VACANT – Survey management coach.
Elaine REEVES – Branding & Public relations coach.
Lionel GEORGE – Accounting coach.
Isaac DAVIS – Auditor.

Business offer

International development for Development institutions in Monrovia.



  • Initiative for the Development of Former Child Soldiers (IDEFOCS)
    with the reintegration of former child soldiers project.
    Morris MATADI, CEO and Founder.
    J. Forkay Horris, Deputy manager.
    Tarr Garnett, Communication Director.
    Rubin Gungar, Accountant.

Mr. Morris MATADI, Founder and CEO of IDEFOCS (photo HR&S).


HR&S RISE Support Centre in Nigeria

RISE Support Centre in Nigeria

Management & Coaches

Elvis AUSTINS – Evaluation planning coach & Team-leader.
Faith OHWOFASA – Survey management coach.
Charles BALOGUN – Branding & Public relations coach.
 Sunday OTAIGBE – Accounting coach.
 Clifford CHIEMEZIE – Auditor.

Business offer

On-line MiniCourses for entrepreneurs in Nigeria.


  • SpellAfrica
    with the Back to School (B2S) project
    Erezi EDOREH, CEO
  • NoveleQ
    with the Laboratory management project.
    Karniyus GAMANIEL, CEO and Founder.
    Ado DAN-ISSA, Deputy manager.

Back to School (B2S) session.


Spell Africa has kindly agreed to host the HR&S RISE Support Centre in Nigeria since mid-2020.

The Spell Africa is located in Benin City and was Founded by Mr. Elvis Audtins.

SpellAfrica Initiative is an Edutech Association, on a mission to provide English education to the people across Nigeria.

The organisation is leveraging on the power of advance technology to bring English lessons to the people of Nigeria. you at anywhere in anytime.



HR&S RISE Support Centre in Uganda

RISE Support Centre in Uganda


Management & Coaches

Moses MURUNGI – Evaluation planning coach & Team-leader.
VACANT – Survey management coach.
George OCEN –  Branding & Public relations coach.
Doreen NALUGYA – Accounting coach.
Arnold LUBWAMA – Auditor.

Business offer

  1. Laboratory management for Makerere University.
  2. Pre-university education laboratory management.


  • 256 Creative Arts
    with small-busiesses in slum area project.
    Edward BUTIMBA, CEO and Founder.
  • Ubuntu Art House
    with art production and sales project.
    Bernard OMONY, CEO and Founder.

Mr. Bernard OMONY Founder of Ubuntu Arts.


HR&S RISE Support Centre in Togo

Management & Coaches

Milohum DZAGLI – Evaluation planning coach & Team-leader.
Elisabeth DRAFOR – Survey management coach.
Dodzi Massa NYAGBE – Branding & Public relations coach.
Komi ABAVE – Accounting coach.
Alexis AKOTCHAYE – Auditor.


  • Association Solidarité Enfance et Vie (S.E.VIE)
    with the small-businesses in a semi-urban area project
    Francois KLUTSÉ, CEO and Founder
    Délali ADEDJE, CEO Assistant and programme manager. solidarité enfance et vie – sevie
  • M. Yawo AHIAKPONOU community
    with the small-businesses in rural areas project.
    Yawo AHIAKPONOU, Programme manager.

    Adjo Martina AHIAWONOU, Programme manager adviser & Business manager.
    Filomene KOGLO, Programme manager adviser & Business manager.


L&D has kindly agreed to host the HR&S RISE Support Centre in Togo since mid-2020.

About Leaders & Development (L&D)
Leaders & Development (L&D) is an association in Togo founded in 2020 as a result of the collaboration with HR&S. L&D  aims to develop the population through the transfer of skills, know-how, interpersonal skills, financial means and all resources while respecting their culture. L&D thus aims to contribute to the local economic development of the populations by strengthening the capacity of the private sector in entrepreneurship and of endogenous society, through a motivated search for effective strategies and engaged in the fight against poverty. L&D is a team of leader educators and trainers, managers, developing sociologists and volunteers as well as legal specialists.


  • Coaching of social enterpreneurs and development programmes with sustainable economy.
  • Programme management to lead to sustainability and autonomy.
  • Support of Associations management on financial administration and accounting, including bookkeeping and efficiency.
  • Search for ways and means that can lead to integral and sustainable development.
  • Revitalization of inter-community cooperation through the creation of Income Generating Activities (IGA), agricultural cooperative projects.
  • Support for the mass of farmers in the development of financing projects for the promotion of small and medium-sized social enterprises.
  • Initiation of agro-pastoral and environmental protection projects.
  • Organization of seminars and training workshops.
  • Technical, organizational and financial support to contribute to the emergence of local economic dynamics.
  • Support in the development of strategies.
  • Capacity building of local development actors.
WhatsApp Image 2020-06-27 at 21.55.27

Coaching meeting with S.E.VIE in Tsévié 2020. From left to right Komi ABAVE, Elisabeth DRAFOR, Francois KLUTSÉ, Alexis AKOTCHAYE, Délali ADEDJE, and  Milohum DZAGLI.

Business idea

Renting out land

HR&S has bought land in Agbolouwé. This land is rented out for farming.
The income is shared in three, HR&S RISE Togo, HR&S Sweden and programme investment.

Mills and solar panels

HR&S has bought mills and solar panels. These have not been well mantained and are now broken.
The programme investment capital from the land is used to repair the mills and the solar panels. These are then rented out to the community for use.

Renting-out houses & tailoring school

As soon as the mills and solar panels have been repaired houses are constructed on the land for renting out at a fair price.
One of the houses is rented out to S.E.VIE for a tailoring school.

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