Social enterprising training

Training the next generation of
successful social entrepreneurs


Human Rights & Science (HR&S) recognises researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in lower-income countries who present amazing social business ideas and supports them.

Our main aim is to implement locally developed and locally adapted solutions. We start and scale up local enterprises that address the needs of the local people.

HR&S social entrepreneurship training brings together scientific researchers, innovators and social entrepreneurs from Kenya for lectures and discussions with an aim of providing opportunities for them to bring positive change and development.

We offer a transformational training package designed to inspire social entrepreneurs to become innovative change makers. Participants develop creative capacity and acquire necessary skills to build scalable start-ups that solve real problems.

HR&S trainings are instructor led and delivered by using a blended learning approach. It combines presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise and group work. Our facilitators are seasoned experts with years of experience, working as professionals and trainers in these fields.

Training package

Our training package starts with a mini-course and proceeds with a workshop.


The mini-course starts with an introduction at an HR&S RISE Centre, continues with five bi-monthly one-hour online seminars from HR&S Sweden and ends with an exam at the RISE Centre. A WhatsApp chat is set up in parallel where we discuss homework in-between the online sessions. If the student passes the exam, she/he is accredited with a certificate.


Attendees with HR&S Certificates and a registered company are welcome to attend a workshop. Here, the participant’s own material will be in focus. The workshop starts with an introduction at an HR&S RISE Centre, continues with five bi-monthly two-hour online workshop sessions from HR&S Sweden and ends with a presentation session at the RISE Centre. The workshop sessions take place online or at the RISE Centre with HR&S Sweden being on-site or online. A WhatsApp chat is set up in parallel where we discuss homework in-between the online sessions. Each participant prepares a presentation to share during the last session. Good presentations are rewarded with certificates.


The questions that will be addressed are:


  • How to plan for and run a social enterprise

Strategy for Change: ambition, challenges, context, motivation, actions, output, outcome, progress markers, evidence based survey, impact.

  • Value proposition & customer segment
  • The lean business model.
  • Customer surveys.
  • Agency for change.
  • Business registration.


  • Perform customers survey interviews and analysis.
  • Get commitment from the first few customers / scale with new customers.
  • Boot-strapping
  • Draft business plan.
  • Start / scale-up loans.


Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be issued with a certificate.


Delegates should be proficient in English.
Each course attracts 20 participants.


  • Mini-course: Social entrepreneurs that have an agency for change.
  • Workshop: Social entrepreneurs with HR&S mini-course certificate and a registered company.

Date & venue

The training will be held online and on-site at our HR&S RISE Centre Kenya.
Next mini-course starts 1 February 2021.

Price & payment

  • The fee for attending a mini-course is Euro 10.
  • The fee for attending a workshop is Euro 10.

Please, transfer the fee to HR&S RISE Centre Kenya bank account (0570273000299-Equity bank) before commencement of the training. Send proof of payment through the email

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