Equal partnership

HR&S represents a new generation of equal partnership and mutual benefit collaboration between non-OECD and OECD country stakeholders.

A collaboration that enables fair cross-cultural innovations and learning, offers opportunities to local talents at home, eradicates extreme poverty and prevents poverty-forced migration.

We improve livelihoods through combining national policies, scientific research, innovations and social enterprising with cross-cultural equal partnership and mutual benefit collaboration.

We ensure truth, trust, harmony, equity, resilience, efficient knowledge sharing, sustainable economy and institutional capacity.

Evidence of impact

HR&S has implemented programmes in partnership with social entrepreneurs and developers in non-OECD countries and with Action10 in Sweden since 2009.
Our programmes address:

Basic education in Togo.

Prevention of child abuse in Togo.

Prevention of early pregnancies in Togo.

Access to safe drinking water in rural areas in Togo.

Access to sanitation and hygiene in rural areas in Togo.

Access to health clinics in rural areas in Togo.

Solar panel installation and maintenance in Togo.

Crop value addition through milling in Togo and Liberia.

Finding markets for rural crop in Liberia.

Small-scale businesses in rural areas in Togo.

Small scale-businesses in vulnerable urban areas in Uganda.

Small scale-businesses in urban areas in Nigeria and Togo.

Business management coaching for researchers in  Rwanda and Kenya.

Scientific training on tools and methods in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Mali.

Scientific research management in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Zambia.

Implementation of research findings in Rwanda and Kenya.

Access to advanced scientific equipment in Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

Central laboratories with sustainable economy in Nigeria.

Trauma counseling and drug prevention in Liberia.

Prevention of violence in vulnerable settlements in Liberia.

Reintegration of former child soldiers in Liberia.

Integration of immigrants in Sweden.

Sales of African handicraft and Shea butter in Sweden.

Empowering women initiatives in Togo.

Post-aid collaboration training in all partner countries.

Cross-cultural understanding training in all partner countries.

Outcome planning and evaluation training in  all partner countries.

Prevention of poverty-forced migration in all partner countries.

Prevention of extreme poverty in all partner countries.

More about our evidence of impact

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A Paradigm Shift

Upcoming events

Annual conference
Date:   First Friday of June each year.
Time and programme:
3-5 pm: Workshop
5-6 pm: Meet and greet
6-8 pm: HR&S programme presentation
Venue: HR&S, Luntmakargatan 25, Stockholm.
Please announce attendance to: info@humanrightsandscience.se

2018 workshop addresses results measurement and presents ROPE- monitoring and evaluation which builds on ‘Contribution tracing’.

Cross-cultural learning and partnership (CUP)

The Action10 Seminar series.

Date and time: 1st week every month at 6-8 PM CET.
(Even months, Fridays & Uneven months, Tuesdays .)
2018: 9 Feb, 6 March, 6 April, 8 May (first Tuesday is red day), and 1 June.
Venue: Brygghuset at Odenplan, Stockholm.
Fee: Attendance is free and a donation is appreciated.
Registration: cecilia.oman@humanrightsandscience.se

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