Customer Care

Expensive & Quality

The HR&S brand is being expensive and deliver quality.

Eventhough expensive, prices are fair and is adapted to customers paying capacity. Prices are also fair in the sense that the customers are given value for money.

Customer care is management-oriented and requires the HR&S management to create, develop, and enhance customer services with the carefully targeted customer to maximize the HR&S customers’ value and increase their loyalty.

Customer Care

Customer care is showing actual care for customers.

Customer care means how well customers are taken care of while they interact with the brand.  Instead of just going through the motions and making a sale, customer care is actually caring for customers, listening to their needs, and finding the right solution. In many instances, customer care moves one step beyond basic customer service by building an emotional connection.

Customer Care moves one step beyond basic customer service by building an emotional connection. It doesn’t include the entire customer lifecycle though, but it consists of a string of interactions.

Customer care is the act of providing and delivering professional, helpful, high-quality assistance before, during, and after the customer’s requirements are met.

HR&S listens to customer’s needs, answers their questions, and offers the right solution.

HR&S aims to win and maintain customers by giving quality service, price, and item differentiation.

Customer experience

Customer experience is the total journey of a customer’s interactions with a brand.

Customer experience is the sum of all contact, from first discovering and researching a product to shopping and purchasing to actually using the product and following up with the brand afterwards. Customer experience measures how customers feel about a company overall and includes the emotional, physical, psychological connection customers have with a brand. It isn’t a one-off interaction, but rather includes the entire customer lifecycle and every touchpoint a customer has with a product or service.