PartNErships for Development (22RISE)

Stakeholder analysis

We coach reach out to development stakeholders and seek partnership.

The action is obvious and also supported by the Sutainable Development Goals, SDG 17.

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Stakeholder identification & analysis

We use a CRM (customer relations manager) software to compile institutions, their mandate and key persons.  In 2022 we started to benefit from HubSpot.
HR&S Sweden and HR&S Country Branches benefit from the same platform. Thereby we can upload a number of institutions and share the milestones between us.
It is a long-term effort, firmly (maybe slowly) do we develop partnerships as well as other sources of income than ActionInvest.

  1. Each team member selects and becomes the “owner” of 1-5 institutions.
    • We click on “Contacts” and then on “Companies”. Here we find a list of institutions that we have  have added to the software. The institution will l carry of the person who added them name as “Company owner”.
    • Each team-member may want to select 1-5 of these institutions and add your own name as “company owner” instead.
  2. Click on and review their webpage
    • Compile important information, that concerns us and create “notes” within HubSpot with this information.
    • Compile key-persons in the company and add them to the company page by locating “Contacts” and then click +Add.
      • Add the name and e-mail address. Now this person has her own page.
  3. Click on and review their LinkedIn
    • We identify key-persons and what they consider important by reading their postings.
    • Add key persons to the company page by locating “Contacts” and then click +Add.
    • Describe their preferences under notes.
  4. We identify overlaps between our own and other development stakeholders mission, mandate, engagement and core-values.
    • When we see such overlaps, then we reach out and offer our services on consultancy basis, respond to tenders or apply for grants.
    • E-mails, calls and meetings are logged.
  5. We invite stakeholders that have overlaps with our own mission to our Network for  external partners – f ex the HR&S 22RISE Network
    • We arrange network activities.
  6. We expand our HubSpot list by adding institutions. We click on “New companies” and paste their URL. F. ex. when we review a partner’s websites, we may identify institutions that we were not aware of before.

Make ourselves visible

Manage a good own LinkedIn profile