HR&S has established HR&S Research, Innovation and Social Enterprising (RISE) Support Centres in  Sub-Sahara African countries.

The Centres provide support to local social entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators to offer their products and services to the local community, and also serve as local HR&S representatives and offices.

Each Centre is always on a programme of capacity strengthening through weekly interactions with HR&S Sweden.


Each Centre has its own set-up, depending on the needs and the context. Besides the support programmes to the member programmes,  the Centres offer consultancy, seminars and workshops addressing the HR&S practical strategies and ActionAreas to strategic parnters.

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It is important that the members has balance in their businesses. The ActionInvest capital shall not decrease as a result of members failing to pay back. The 10% interest is an income to the Centre as well as the  coaching fee.

training events and meetings

HR&S training Events

RISE members and team of operations attend all HR&S  training events for free.

Arrange with good internet and computers, as well as IT training.

annual training on the strategy for change by HR&S Sweden

In September. The training events targets our RISE members and is free of charge for them, as one of the benefits from paying membership fee.  Then also non-members are invited who pays a fee, this fee is a direct income to the RISE Centres, EUR 20 for non members (EUR 10 for students and non-employed).

Bi-annual training on the strategy for change by HR&S BranchES

The training events targets our RISE members and is free of charge for them, as one of the benefits from paying membership fee. 

Bi-annual training on ACCOUNTING by HR&S BranchES

The training events targets our RISE members and is free of charge for them, as one of the benefits from paying membership fee. 


The meeting addresses knowledge-sharing and support between RISE members, discussion on the capital available for loans and the distribution of the capital between the members. Pay-pack periods to ensure funds are available for all members for the follow-up loans as well as generating the income from the interest to cover the running costs of the Centre.

Accountability management

Accountability management

Withdrawal by RISE Member/Loan-taker

The loan-taker provides a request to the RISE accountant when withdrawals are required.
Withdrawal from the bank account by a RISE Member/Loan-taker also requires authorisation by HR&S CEO and the signatures from both signatories. The withdrawal request states the purpose for the withdrawal, which programme it refers to and wich agreements it is supported by. Thus the request compiles all the costs it shall cover together with a statement presenting how the loan will be paid back and when. 
Within two months after the date of the withdrawal, receipts for all costs are compiled by the loan-taker and shared with HR&S CEO and both signatories.

Payments are made by the accountant and the team-leader together and the receipts are compiled.
Payment shall be made in a manner so that it is shown on the bank account statement, possibly by a check.


When major procurements are to be done by loan-takers, the loan-taker shall request the team-lear and/or the accountant to join when the transaction is made. 


Loan-takers provide a guarantee for the re-payment of a loan. It is still a soft loan and the guarantee stands in propotion to the business ability of the loan-taker.

Understanding of expectations

The “help-me” narrative must change. Once the partners are made to understand the expectations from the beginning, we’ll achieve success. The bottom line is setting the expectations right from the beginning to avoid unrealistic expectations. We shall get the right partners that could be the Change Agents to show that looking for handouts is not sustainable, but creating value will bring the desired prosperity.
1. We made them realized that this money to be giving to them is a loan to be paid back.
2. The amount given out as loan will be deducted from the principal amount at source.
3. We group them according to their business and the level of funds is then meant for that category.
4. They were made to understand that they will cross reference each other in the group, that is to say that if any member of the group default in repayment, the entire group will be held accountable.
5. If they are faithful in repayment, they will be qualified for applying for a higher loan.
6. They repay the principal on a monthly basis, more groups were being added and their businesses can expand.

For the RISE member social entrepreneurs.
Each Centre has a certain amount of capital to pay out as loans. Within the Centre we will have full transparency on how loans are paid back or not.
The RISE members can support each other to pay back. And if someone is not paying back, less will be available for the others.
The interest goes to the Operation teams as reward and to the Centre to grow areas of income, for example computers and internet.
What we are targeting is the motivation to pay back. In case there is an external challenge, maybe drought for a farmer, then everyone will accept a loss of funds, even though everyone will suffer from lass capital.

Each RISE centre has an emergency fund put aside so that they can assist where needed, and the RISE Centre fundraise for the emergency fund.

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  • We  invest in businesses that can provide assurance of repayment through provision of collateral and we must have an independent adjudicator whose role is to take care of collateral.
  • We reach out to under-served populations with limited opportunities to provide collateral through our RISE members. RISE members originating from areas where collateral is limited are likely to be able to install accountability systems through maybe social awareness. This business idea builds on that, as the funds are paid back maybe weekly, it can be giving out twice. Thus the programme manager generates 20 % interest (or more), 10 for the RISE Centre and 10 for own income.

Testimony, Dec 2021: “Generally, people are never willing to repay loans if such loans were received on the premise of their morality and honesty. As a person who runs a financial services business with my sister, I know that even the most trusted and honest people will find it hard to repay loans of any amount of they have not been requested to deposit collateral.
We still need to use the funds as intended i.e. for social enterprising but we need to change the mode of financing. We may need to invest in businesses that can provide assurance of repayment through provision of collateral and we must have an independent adjudicator whose role is to take care of collateral.
We can go wide scale and announce the opportunity in public forums. And we will be able to get the right organizations to deal with. Of course after due diligence.”

Communication & infrastructure

  1. The aim is that each RISE Centre has good communication and work infrastructure.



  1. Decent smartphone – 190 EUR
  2. Prepaid internet card- depends on the subscription package. The monthly one ranges from 8 EUR for 3GB.
  3. Standard laptop -340 EUR
  1. Decent smartphone- 200 EUR
  2. Prepaid card/data- 5GB monthly data at 12 EUR
  3. Standard laptop – 350 EUR


  1. Decent smartphone- 200-300 EUR
  2. Prepaid card/data- 3-4-5GB monthly data at ~23 EUR
  3. Standard laptop – 550-600 EUR

Internet connection

The big difference between satellite internet and internet that comes from telemast (3G, 4G) is the range. Satellite is enough all over the world, while the masts are limited.
The speed of data traffic differs. Data traffic via satellite is much slower, and is primarily a solution for communication.

Can always reach. By having a connection to satellite, we only need to keep the antenna free of obstacles. Satellite internet is stable.
IECT Sweden is the Swedish part of French IEC Telecom, specialize in satellite internet and offer products from quality brands such as Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium. The technology works maritime on land, and in the air. Services are aimed at both companies and individuals. Can offer encryption for businesses.  where this is interesting, such as the military. What is the difference between satellite and telemast?



Service & maintenance

Safe guarding