Research, Innovation,
AND social enterprising TO
servE the under-served in
Sub-sahara African countries

We build equal partnerships through
trust and resilience and
address the challenges
that our partners experience
to help them reach their goals.



A world with-out extreme poverty, international collaboration based on truth and trust, advanced scientific research and innovation in Sub-Sahara African countries.

Our Mission, Expertice & Services

Human Rights & Science (HR&S) is a social enterprise operating in Sub-Saharan African countries (SSA) and our mission is to empower scientific research, innovation and social enterprising for the sake of sustainable development and to serve under-served communities. We target scientific institutions, advanced laboratories, social entrepreneurs in Sub-sahara African countries, and sustainable development stakeholders globally.

We have 15 years of experience from close collaboration with African stakeholder in SSA and have developed unique management strategies that empowers equal, sustainable, win-win international collaboration.  We have registered local branches and manage local support centres where we offer business loans, training, coaching, expert advice, access to agreed suppliers and stakeholder networks.  

We have a deep understanding of the context where we operate and of how to coach our partners to reach their goals. We develop individual road-maps for each partner using our unique management strategies, and coach on the implementations, and we use evidence based methods to track impact or no impact.

We reach under-served communities through the social entrepreneurs that we partner with. Together we offer paid-for products and services requested for by underserved communities. We offer business loans combined with business coaching, training in a skill that generates employment, small scale loan services services, solar-panels, mills, sanitary pads, clothes with local design, local handy-craft, hair salons,  and more.

We have expert knowledge from scientific research and advanced laboratories and offer research management and laboratory management coaching to scientific institutions and laboratories.We also offer opportunities to sustainable development stakeholders benefiting from our management strategies, our implemented programmes and our network of key stakeholders in Sub-Sahara African countries (SSA). We offer, for example, new potential customers for companies operating in SSA, local customer management, CSR events and programmes, seminars, workshops and more. 

We support 20 programmes in eight countries during 2022 and we have empowered the lives of 10,000 persons since the start in 2009. We face many challenges, which we take serious note of, we learn lessons every day, take informed decisions not top repeat our mistakes and adjust our strategies and tools accordingly. We are successful and we are scaling. Challenges are often related to transparency, efficiency, communication, time-management, financial accounting and financial auditing.

Upcoming events



Management strategies

  • Research management.
  • Laboratory management.
  • Social enterprising.
  • Sustainable development.


  • The scientific method.
  • Publishing a scientific paper.
  • Seeking a research grant.


10 h with examination


EUR 10 per participant
EUR 1000 per SSA Institution

Internet access & zoom connection
HR&S encourages the participant to assess the quality of their internet connections and zoom links prior to the webinar, to ensure good audio and visual performance.

A ROPE Strategy for Change Sheet. The Strategy for Change sheet supports the work for participants or the institution where the participants works. It is a road-map for reaching their ambitions.

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be issued a certificate.

Each workshop attracts up to 50 participants.

The presentations will be made in English. Interactions by delegates are welcome in English and in French.


ActionTalks & ActionEvents

Targeting cross-cultural understanding


We have, with small resources, improved the lives of 10,000 people. We have the potential to scale significantly.



We have facilitated 20 research and laboratory management workshops at scientific institutions in ten countries.



We have facilitated one hundred innovations addressing products, services, production methods, sustainable economy models and modes of enterprising.



We have facilitated the start and scale-up of seven hundred enterprises, many in vulnerable settlements generating income to people who were without it.



We have provided access to income, employment, products and services, improving the livelihood of ten thousand persons.

Our team

Our team is composed of dedicated experts with unyielding ethics and cover a wide range of expertise required. Our partners represent a variety of stakeholders: customers of products and services, small scale business owners, entrepreneurs, researchers, auditors, coaches, private sector, development institutions, investors, leaders, philanthropists and influencers.



Shift of paradigm

Message from CEO

As fellow human beings, many of us feel that the earth’s resources should be distributed fairly. At the same time, if we donate money to aid organisations, for example, it may feel uncertain whether the grant will really be useful. The development goals set in the year 2000 for 2015  were not achieved. Instead, new goals were set with the expectation that these will be achieved by 2030. But in reality, the number of extremely poor people in Africa is increasing at a breathtaking rate, we have seen 150 million more extremely poor people in 20 years. This development is obviously totally unacceptable. It shall be noted that aid budget from the OECD countries is USD 150 billion a year,  it shall also be noted that Sweden and several other countries have provided aid for 60 years. Thus, even though the society is making great progress in many areas, we are not making progress in this area.

When we are poor then we live for the day, and there are no opportunities to change the situation. HR&S wants to address exactly that, HR&S gives opportunities to persons living in under served communities to change their situation. Not in a “pity” manner but professionally, in equal, respectful mutually beneficial partnership while generating evidence based sustainable impact. HR&S is contributing to a shift of paradigm. HR&S aims to be a powerful institution with good finances, secured income, qualified staff, quality tools and equipment, professional ways of operation and high standards. It’s not an easy task, albeit an honourable one, but we have already come far.  The volunteer organisation Action10 was founded 2009 and the social enterprise Human Rights & Science (HR&S) was founded 2015. Action10 and HR&S are independent flexible institutions and we have developed a strategy to effectively learn from our mistakes, take informed decisions a effectively and adjust procedures. We have reached 10,000 people in extremely poor environments with products and services that improve their living conditions.

31 December 2021

Assoc. Prof. Cecilia ÖMAN
Founder and CEO of HR&S,  Founder and President of Action10


We reach out to

We reach out to academic institutions, advanced laboratories and institutions empowering entrepreneurs in Sub Sahara African countries (SSA), as well as international and national development institutions, the private sector SCR programmes and suppliers of scientific equipment.

academic institutions

We offer support to  academic institutions in SSA, with the aim to increase the scientific output from, the world ranking of, as well as the financial income to, the university.

advanced laboratories

We offer support to laboratory managements in SSA,  to address access to advanced scientific equipment while ensuring a sustainable economy for the laboratory.

institutions for entrepreneurs

We support institutions that support social entrepreneurs in SSA, to ensure profit, accountability and sustainability for their supported entrepreneurs. 

Development institutions

We support institutions that support global sustainable development  to reach their development goals while measuring progress and sustainable impact.

CSR programmes & Suppliers

We collaborate around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and with suppliers of scientific equipment in order to strengthen their businesses through the HR&S programme.