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Leading sustainable development In sub-SAhara African countries

We offer
capacity strengthening management strategies

Our Vision

A world without extreme poverty.

Our Mission

To offer management strategies that enable local stakeholders to implement local solutions to local problems in  equal partnership with international development institutions.


Management strategies fights poverty

Research suggests, and our experience indicate, that poverty is not primarily related to lack of resources, but rather to lack of management. The huge amount of donations through the traditional development aid sector, is not helping us to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) nor is it stopping the continuous increase of extremely poor people in sub-Sahara African countries.  

Therefore do we develop, and coach on, management strategies that fights poverty, and our innovative management strategies enable local stakeholders to implement local solutions to local problems, in  equal partnership with international development institutions. Our management strategies are innovative and proven. They target a sustainable economy, institutional capacity and the delivery of products and services requested for locally, tax to the government, as well as evidence based sustainable impact. We target scientific institutions, advanced laboratories, entrepreneurs, and under-served communities in sub-Sahara African countries as well as a new generation of development institutions and the private sector, internationally.

Our results

We have already affected the lives of 10,000 persons, by:

  • improving the scientific infrastructure for researchers at scientific institutions,
  • increasing the access to advanced scientific equipment,
  • empowering local entrepreneurs with business loans and guidance,
  • increasing income, and access to products and services for persons in under-served communities,
  • networking between development stakeholders.

Scaling & New partnerships

Our results prove our value and importance, our procedures are firm, our team is dedicated and capable, and we have just started our journey. We have been working in pilot mode, and our main challenges have been a competition against donations, free products and free services, provided by a development aid sector which does not address evidence based sustainable impact. We capture local initiatives, sustainable economy, institutional capacity, equal international partnerships, and evidence based
sustainable impact and we already have local presence in Liberia, Burkina Faso, Togo, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Zambia. The small achievements that we have generated can easily be scaled and also be copied other locations. 
We offer our services to international development stakeholders who foresee a better future through fighting poverty with proven innovative methods. We reach out to the new generation of development institutions and to the private sector. We are happy to discuss how we can empower your work and offer our products and services, our network in sub-Sahara African countries (SSA), and our on-going activities. Maybe it would be interesting for you; 
  • to support our programmes through CSR
  • that we coach research at universities in SSA countries that is of interest to you
  • that we bridge between an equipment supplier and buying universities in SSA
  • that we empower local SSA businesses which you have an interest in
  • if we coach development programmes for your institution, or
  • to agree on other types of collaborations.

We offer

Management strategy
Training & Coaching

Seminar on-line,  1-3 hours.
Webinar, three Saturdays in a row with examination.
Coaching, one week workshop, one year of monthly webinars and an on-line collaboration platform.

  • Research management.
  • Laboratory management.
  • Enterprising for social good.
  • Servicing the under-served.
  • Partnerships for development.


Scientific capacity strengthening

Webinars, three Saturdays in a row with examination.
  • The scientific method.
  • Seeking a research grant.
  • Publishing a scientific paper.
  • Laboratory management.
  • Business management.
  • Partnerships for development.



  • Business loans with 10% interest to small businesses aiming to scale up,
    for; Burkina Faso, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Togo, Uganda, and Zambia.

Action_Events in Stockholm

  • Cross-cultural interaction and increased understanding. These events are suitable CSR programmes.

CSR_Events in Stockholm

  • Cross-cultural interaction and increased understanding suitable for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The participants will learn from our programmes and will interact with our partners in Africa to offer professional advice to their challenges. At Hötorget in Stockholm city or the company premises.

Upcoming events

Action_Event in Stockholm

24 November 2023.

Please let us know that you will participate 🙂

Scientific capacity strengthening

Webinar, three Saturdays in a row with examination.
November 2023. EUR 10 per participant.
  • The scientific method.

Testimony by Cecilia “The scientific method is clean and powerful, we just need to always work with it. Maybe we actually know it, and then we may want to remind ourselves when working so that we also implement it in actual practice. In scientific research there are not corners to be cut, but the good thing is that if we acknowledge the scientific method, scientific research is easy and very straight forward. We can answer many questions ourselves, if we keep the scientific method alive.”

The training is provided by Assoc. Prof. Cecilia ÖMAN, CEO, HR&S HQ Sweden, and the examination is handled by Dr. Krishna MURTHY, HR&S senior expert adviser, India. The webinar takes place three Saturdays in a row, for 3,5 hours; 90 min, 30 min break, 90 min again. Two Saturdays with lectures by Cecilia and third Saturday with examination presentations by the participants and discussion, lead by Dr Krishna.We use zoom. The language is English and participants are welcome to speak in French. Participants pay EUR 10, and are awarded by a certificate if they manage the examination. Payments are made to the HR&S country branches.

Dates: 11, 18, 25 November 2023

Time of the day:
8 am – 11.30 am Burkina Faso, Togo, Liberia
9 am – 12.30 noon Nigeria, Sweden (winter time)
10 am – 1.30 pm Rwanda, Zambia, Sweden (summer time)
11 am – 2.30 pm Uganda & Kenya
1.30 pm – 5 pm India. 

Please let us know that you will participate 🙂

Annual capacity strengthening event in Africa

In person on e week event in one of our partner countries.
Early 2024
, we seek financial partners.

The event aims at strengthening the scientific capacity of the host institution, and its participating  staff as well as the other participants. We target researchers, technicians, supervisors and scientific administration staff. Each researcher presents her/his research plan and findings, while technicians presents the chemical analyses that they are responsible for. HR&S holds lectures on the scientific method as well as guides the participants through the research management strategy ROPE-REACH and ROPE-FAST.

Please let us know that your institution will support 🙂

PLease note

Internet access & zoom connection

HR&S encourages the participant to assess the quality of their internet connections and zoom links prior to the webinar, to ensure good audio and visual performance.


Upon successful completion of an examination, participants will be issued a certificate.


The presentations will be made in English. Interactions by delegates are welcome in English and in French.


Participation payment EUR10, is transferred to on of the HR&S local Branches prior to the training. You will receive the zoom link after payment has been received.

Formal Network

Upon successful completion of an examination, participants are welcome to join the HR&S Networks.



We have, with small resources, improved the lives of 10,000 people. We have the potential to scale significantly.



We have facilitated 20 research and laboratory management workshops and webinars at scientific institutions.



We have facilitated one hundred innovations addressing products, services, production methods, sustainable economy models and modes of enterprising.



We have facilitated the start and scale-up of seven hundred enterprises, micro and small businesses.



We have provided access to income, employment, products and services, improving the livelihood of ten thousand persons.

Our team

Our team is composed of dedicated experts with unyielding ethics and cover a wide range of expertise required. Our partners represent a variety of stakeholders: customers of products and services, small scale business owners, entrepreneurs, researchers, auditors, coaches, private sector, development institutions, investors, leaders, philanthropists and influencers.



RISE agency

Message from CEO

Our vision is a world without extreme poverty. Our mission is to empower scientific research, innovation and social enterprising in sub-Sahara African countries through equal partnership. Within our mission lies transparency, accountability, truth, trust, harmony, equity and resilience, as well as sustainable economies and institutional capacity.

We aim to create communities where scientific research, innovations, business and social enterprising thrive so that it contributes to the development of the country and the region. Such communities, even if small, can be scaled and copied making our effort even more powerful and important. We argue for the empowerment of entrepreneurship and a stable business sector, that can i) offer services and products requested for by the population, ii) employ people and iii) contribute to the tax income of the government. We also argue for that that scientific findings and innovations are implemented through entrepreneurship and a profitable business sector.

We want to be part of empowering social contracts between a nation’s population and its government where tax income and institutional capacity is available so that the government can build powerful institutions addressing education, health, justice, rule-of-law, banks, a national bank and more.  We have, with small resources, since the start in 2009 positively affected the lives of 12,000 people, and we have the potential to significantly scale.

 All our operations are framed by our own management strategy ROPE that enables a transition from aid dependency to equal partnership between independent development institutions. The tool provides efficient and effective cross-cultural collaboration built on trust, transparency and accountability, where inputs, operational responsibilities and benefits are shared equally. Our Code of Conduct is rooted in our Ten Actions (TAct); needs and user driven interventions, equal partnership, real-time outcome planning and evaluation, strategic partnership, institutional capacity, sustainable economy, trust, transparency and accountability, resilience, knowledge sharing and visibility. 


31 December 2022

Assoc. Prof. Cecilia ÖMAN
Founder  CEO HR&S,  
Founder President Action10

We reach out to

We reach out to academic institutions, advanced laboratories and institutions empowering entrepreneurs in Sub Sahara African countries (SSA), as well as international and national development institutions, the private sector SCR programmes and suppliers of scientific equipment.


We offer support to  academic institutions in SSA, with the aim to increase the scientific output from, the world ranking of, as well as the financial income to, the university.

advanced laboratories

We offer support to laboratory managements in SSA,  to address access to advanced scientific equipment while ensuring a sustainable economy for the laboratory.

institutions for entrepreneurs

We support institutions that support social entrepreneurs in SSA, to ensure profit, accountability and sustainability for their supported entrepreneurs. 

Development institutions

We support institutions that support global sustainable development  to reach their development goals while measuring progress and sustainable impact.

CSR programmes & Suppliers

We collaborate around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and with suppliers of scientific equipment in order to strengthen their businesses through the HR&S programme.