• General public
    Seminars, workshops and opportunity to become monthly giver.
  • Philanthropists and Givers of major donations.
    Win-win collaboration.

1.Seminars & workshops
We offer tailor-made seminars, workshops & webinars addressing mandate or interest of the partner. The events combine the mandate or interest of the partner and the HR&S tools, interventions and experiences.

  • Events for the public are adapted to the interest of the participants of the event.
    • We offer events benefiting from the HR&S tools, experiences and activities and identify areas that we assume have over-laps with the interest of the public in general.
      Topics are for example:  cross-cultural awareness raising, methods to increase integration in Sweden and avoid conflict, methods to offer a good deal to immigrants in Sweden from Africa to have a smooth return back home if they want, methods to eradicate extreme poverty, and presentations of the HR&S activities in Sub-Sahara African countries.
    • Then we tailor-make events for clients we are in contact with, to ensure their aims and goals are met, still building on  the HR&S tools, experiences and activities.
  • Event for philantopists, , where we present our offer.

2. Knowledge-sharing on-line sessions
We offer on-line knowledge sharing sessions with our partners in SSA. The purpose is to give advice on a challenge identified by the HR&S partners that is an area of expertise of the supporter.

3. Win-win collaboration
We offer partners to support with products, services or financially, targeting a certain programme that has overlaps with the supporters own agenda, ensuring a win-win situation. We offer workshops where we discuss a win-win collaboration and we offer coaching for the implementation. Partners are invited to a series of workshops/webinars where win-win strategies are developed. We benefit from the HR&S SfC. When strategies are implemented the HR&S will coach.

  • Philantropists and Givers of major donation givers are invited to targeted events where or meetings where opportunities for support are presented. The opportunities are adapted as much as possible to the area of interest of the supporter and a reward system is created. Monthly givers of smaller amounts are channeled to Action10 and the ActionIvest program for win-win deals