Business Plan

The HR&S business plan is presented here.

Value proposition

  1. Seminars
  2. Webinars
  3. Workshops on-site
  4. Local coaching
  5. HQ coaching.
  6. Soft-loans to social entrepreneurs.


Annual running costs – except salaries

HR&S RISE Centres

Staff Reimbusrement

Per Actioninvest programme: Four coaches and one auditor, EUR 300 each; TOTAL EUR 1,500
Four months of webinars: Per Team-leader EUR 250.


Each Centre shall have minimum one computer, one cell-phone and one internet account.
It is the asset of the RISE Centre. The first package is managed by the team-leader.

  • Internet EUR 150 per account and year.
  • Computer procurement EUR 500.
  • Cell-phone procurement EUR 200.
  • Computer and cell-phone service and maintenance EUR 50 per year.  Insurance.

EUR 1,000 1st year, then EUR 200 per year.

unsplash - accounting

HR&S Sweden

EUR 10,000


HR&S RISE Centres

Four months of Webinars: Feb-July

Each webinar can manage maximum 40 participants.  15 participants are allocated for the coordinating RISE Centre and 5 each for the other five RISE Centres.
Each participant pays EUR 10 and each Institution EUR 100 for maximum five participants.
The team-leader of the Coordinating RISE Centre (Feb Kenya, March Uganda, May Nigeria, June Togo, Future will tell about Burkina Faso and Liberia) can be reimbused EUR 100 and the Team-leader of the  supporting RISE Centre EUR 50, if they raise minimum that amount. Thus each team-leader can earn EUR 250 annually on this activity.
The small profit will be saved on the RISE account Ledger RISE Centre webinars) and shall contribute to RISE Centre facilities.

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