A29. Cold storage for fish in Little Bassa, Liberia


IDEFOCS, Human Rights & Science and Action10 are currently supporting a project that aims to reintegrate child soldiers that have been victims of the war in Liberia. The project is based in Little Bassa, a peaceful village by the sea, located just one hour by car from Monrovia. 

Fish is a staple in Liberia, but it’s a delicate nourishment that spoils easily and can lead consumers to face health risks.  The lack of a cold storage facility in Little Bassa is causing numerous issues such as food loss and waste and it also represents a huge obstacle to the self-sustainability of Little Bassa causing social and gender disparity. One of the most important needs in the village is to build a cold storage facility for the fish.

As the fish needs to be sold right away because there is no access to cooling, it becomes difficult to operate a sustainable business which in turn leads to poor standards of living in the area: poverty and food insecurity are high across the country and are particularly acute in Liberia’s rural areas where 51 percent of the population lives. Some 83.8 percent of the population live on less than US$1.25 a day.


IDEFOCS, Human Rights & Science and Action10 will support the fishing village through building cold storage facilities that will lead to the satisfaction of the needs of Little Bassa, improve the food security and empower the community towards a more self-sustainable future. At the same time, this project will support the social growth of the local community favouring the individuals’ emancipation through economic independence.


  • HR&S Sweden was represented fully by HR&S Branch Liberia, and Ramses and Lionel visited the village three times during 2021.
  • EUR 2,000 was transferred to HR&S Branch Liberia for the purpose of the cold storage.
  • HR&S Branch Liberia also arranged an Covid-19 awareness session.

Outcome Challenges

  • Liberia has one of the lowest electricity access rates in the world, with only about 8 percent of households connected to the national grid. Less than 7 percent of the population in Monrovia has regular access to electricity and less than 2 percent of the population has access in rural areas.
  • During 2021 an unexpected new challenge with the cold-storage was encountered when it was announced that the BRV was located where there are traditional ceremonies and therefore was perceived as disturbing.

Expected sustainable impact

The project has 3 main long-term goals:

  • Self-sustainability of the facility: the running costs of the cold storage facility will be covered thanks to the improved village economy: having a cold storage means that Little Bassa will be able to have a more stable food market that will provide employment for local people.
  • Improved commerce: a more stable food market will provide employment and empower locals towards a more autonomous future.
  • Decreased food loss and waste.

Donations through crowd-funding

One-time donations

  • USD 10 can be used to purchase a carton of zinc nail for the construction of the cold storage.
  • USD 100 can be used to purchase different types of material for the construction of the cold storage.
  • USD 1,000 will purchase a 5KVA generator to produce electricity that will provide storage to preserve fish for over 50 market women in and around little Bassa.

Monthly donations

  • USD 50 when donated, can serve as maintenance fees each month to ensure proper running of the generator for the cold storage
  • USD 100 can buy twenty-five gallons (25gals) of fuel for the period of one week.



Propose Budget

for the Construction and Running of a Cold Storage in Little Bassa
  Budget Line Description Unit  # of units  Unit value Total Cost
 (in USD) (in USD) 
1Generator  7 KVAPiece1$1 500,00$1 500,00
2Air conditioning BTU System (9000 BTU)Pieces2$100,00$200,00
3Construction of the storageFacility1$250,00$250,00
6Iron GatePieces2$125,00$250,00
7Round polePieces250$0,30$75,00
9Fuel for startup Gallon per week52$4,50$234,00
11Generator maintentance month  6$50,00$300,00
12Workmanship 1$100,00$100,00
13Transportation/Car rentalVehicle1$100,00$100,00
 Total    $3 634,00

Output 2021

Loan of EUR 2,000 was transferred to the Liberia Branch.