Major Gift Donors

A Major Gift

HR&S defines Major Gifts as a donation above EUR 1,000.

HR&S will allocate 20 % of major gifts for administration purposes, including the corporate tax, 25%.


We Thank You !!!
HR&S lets the major gift donors know (more than once!) that the team appreciate their generosity.

A gift from the receiver of the donation
When appropriate.

Public regognision
If they agree, HR&S gives them public recognition as well.
We post their name on our web-site.
We make a lable in our RISE Centre, etc.

Progress reports
If a major gift giver supported a specific project, then HR&S gives them regular updates on the status of that project.
If they gave to the annual fund, HR&S gives them specific examples of what their money is going toward.

On-line meetings with the local stakeholders
The RISE team, programme management partners, customers, beneficiaries and other stakehoders.

HR&S invites major gift givers to our Events
In addition to the standard fundraising events that HR&S invites major gift donors to all our events and in addition
HR&S also holds special get-togethers for the top-tier givers.

Trainings and seminars
A Major gift giver ia welcome to attend our series of webinars free of charge and can also invite a friend free-of-charge.
We offer an annual on-line 1 h seminar on a topic chosen by the giver that is within our portfolio. The donors is welcome to invite her /his audience to the seminar. Free of charge.

Gift from our Africa Shop
If it can be arranged practically we offer a gift from our shop.

Guided tour around our programmes
A major giver is offered a tour round our programmes if the person visits the country.