Coaching & Support

HR&S is seeking partners with over-lapping core value platforms.

Please be ensured that we, the HR&S team, always do our very, very best to serve our partners, and equally important our target beneficiaries.


We share knowledge about

  1. HR&S six PracticalStrategies.
  2. HR&S nine ActionAreas.

Our workshop benefits from

1. User driven interactions.
2. Stakeholder identification and analysis.
3. Strategy for change.
4. Sustainable economy.
5. Accountability management.
6. Evaluation planning & evidence based impact.

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We coach and facilitate the implementation of other institutions’ programmes, while benefitting from our Practical strategies, Action Areas and local RISE Support Centres.

Over the years have HR&S implemented 50 user-driven interventions. Through this experience, combined with our team’s formal education and personal experices, can we offer services addressing a variety of themes. We can also prepare ourselves and address new areas.

Our coaching address

  1. Strategy for change.
  2. Stakeholder analysis.
  3. Business model, business plan & venture.
  4. Accountability management.
  5. Real-time outcome planning and evaluation.
  6. Evidence based impact assessment.

Our coaching is implemented through

  1. Practical strategies.
  2. Guiding manuals.
  3. Networking & expert advice.
  4. Workshops.
  5. Field / laboratory work.
  6. Surveys.
  7. Team-building & motivation sessions.
  8. Round-table sessions with external stakeholders.

customer care

Availiability & Communication

  • HR&S aims to thoroughly present our mission at our web-site.
  • To share about our values & news and engage in discussions on  LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.
  • We arrange open seminars and workshops in Stockholm and at our RISE Centres in African countries.
  • We are available to book, at seminar booking sites in Sweden.
  • We also reply to calls from development organisations.

How can you connect with us?

New partnership start-up

We tend to start small and scale as we get the partnership structure in place.

  1. The customer specifies the suggested area of collaboration.
  2. The customer also informs about he amount that the customer wants to invest for the first assignment, stated in USD or Euro.
  3. HR&S sends an offer to the customer that is discussed and concluded on. An agreement is signed.
  4. The customer  transfer the full consultation fee to the HR&S bank account in Sweden. HR&S will start working  as soon as the amount is on the bank account; 70% of the amount will be released immediately, and 30% will be saved on the HR&S  account and be released only when everything has been delivered according to the agreement.

Place orders

Customers are welcome  contact us through our website, LinkedIn and Facebook.
Our shop is open on-line through our web-site.

Business model


Book a seminar to learn about a strategy of your choice.


Book a workshop to work on a topic important for you while benefiting from a strategy of your choice.


Request coaching for an activity of importance for you, while benefiting from a strategy, or a set of strategies, of your choice.


Download a manual to learn about a strategy of your choice.

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