SERV Serving the UnderServed through
Management strategy coaching

We Offer

  • Training on SERV.
  • Coaching on SERV
    • A package of annual on-site meetings, monthly on-line webinars, and on-line collaboration platforms.
  • A platform for knowledge sharing between entrepreneurs in Sub-Sahara Africa countries.
  • Business loans.
  • Local coordination in Burkina Faso, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Togo, Uganda, Zambia.

We target

  • Entrepreneurs in Sub-Sahara African countries with products and services for under-served communities, including micro-loans.
  • Relevant development stakeholders.


Real-time Outcome Planning & Evaluation


Underserved communities lack opportunities to address their difficult situation. This causes the number of extremely poor people in sub-Sahara Africa countries to increase, with millions of people every year. 

Human Rights & Science was created with the purpose of addressing the situation. 

We have 15 years of experience from close collaboration with African stakeholder in African countries and have developed unique management strategies that empowers equal, sustainable, win-win international collaboration.

We have registered local branches, manage local support centres and stakeholder networks.

Ultimately, the purpose of development aid is the ‘graduation’ from foreign assistance altogether. This is only possible where poor people earn a better living within their own economy, without the risk of depending on outsiders for continuous assistance.


HR&S provides the tools and resources requested for by stakeholders in underserved communities. We offer solutions with evidence based sustainable impact. At one level we provide favourable loans and business coaching to micro-businesses, at another level we offer empowerment tools to researchers, social entrepreneurs and innovator developing local solutions at yet another level we offer a collaboration platform for development institutions targeting under-served communities.

We base the sustainable economy concept on enterprising for social good. Social in the sense that we target social good and development, enterprises in the sense that we ensure a sustainable economy. We are ourselves an enterprise for social good. Our head-quarters is in Stockholm Sweden and we have branches in sub-Sahara African countries that are also registered private companies doing social good. HR&S reaches out to entrepreneurs in underserved communities providing products and services requested for, and asks them if they want to scale their business, and if so, what they need in order to do so.  

We work in an equal partnership type of collaboration, different from the traditional “aid giver and aid receiver” type of approach. We believe in empowering the business sector, different from the traditional aid NGO approach, to ensure a sustainable economy as well as tax income to the government. We believe in empowering the “social contract” between the people in a country and its government to empower fruitful grounds for business persons, employment opportunities, locally produce products and service, as well as tax income to the government for them to establish social security for its people with solid institutions for education, justice, rule-of-law, health-care, banks, and country banks.

Outcome Challenges

The outcome challenges are related to RISEagency. Please find more details elsewhere.


We have presence in eight sub-Sahara African countries though our HR&S Branches. The branches are registered companies that coordinate the HR&S activities in the country, and they also run RISE Support Centres.

Human Rights & Science (HR&S) is a social enterprise operating in Sub-Saharan African countries (SSA) with the mission is to empower scientific research, innovation and social enterprising for the sake of sustainable development and to serve under-served communities

We target scientific institutions, advanced laboratories, social entrepreneurs in Sub-sahara African countries, and sustainable development stakeholders globally.


The Milestones are agree on all partners together.

HR&S SERV support packages

The HR&S SERV support package have been developed to address the Outcome Challenges.



Progress Markers

Lessons learned & Infromed decisions

SustAinable impact

One way to ensure sustainable impact is to design, implement and maintain Standard Operational Procedures (SOP). We target Institutional capacity SOPs as well as sustainable economy SOPs. We target a set of ten SOPs. Scientific capacity strengthening Partnerships required for the Ten SOPs:

  1. Management strategy
    • HR&S coaching on ROPE-SERV.
  2. Internet, access to
  3. Energy, access to
    • Solar panels
  4. Cell phones, access to
  5. Equipment
    • Mills
  6. Vehicles
  7. Training
    • Internet-in-a-box
  8. Networking
  9. Business loans
    • ActionInvest though a RISEmember


Testing the strength of evidence