Action10 operates under the umbrella of Human Rights & Science (HR&S).

Action10 is a volunteer organisation registered in Sweden in 2009 ( The organisation is run by 20 volunteer staff.


The highest governance body is the General Assembly and the members are the volunteer staff and the monthly givers.


The management is addressed by the working board.


The day-to-day operations are handled by a team of volunteer staff organised into five workgroups.

  1. Evaluation planning (EP) & Sustainable economy (SE).
  2. Knowledge sharing (KS).
  3. Quality values (QV) & Institutioal capacity (IC).


Action10 manages the ActionInvest fund which provides loans to social entrepreneurs, who are members of an HR&S RISE Support Centre. The ActionInvest programme also includes guidance by local HR&S coaches and external auditing.

  • The loans are given out with 10% annual interest and when possible also 10 % coaching fee. The interest and the fee remain with the local RISE Centre in order to reimburse the coaches and cover ActionInvest running costs. The profit from the programme remains with the entrepreneur for rent, salary, transportation and other programme running costs as well as for the paying back of the loan.
  • The coaches and the auditors are reimbursed Euro 150 per year and programme that they coach on. ActionInvest also ensures a minimum of one functioning computer with internet access and a camera for the coaches.
  • Paid back loans are reinvested in starting- or scale-up social enterprises.
  • The funds for ActionInvest are raised through donations and only 3% of the raised amount remains in Sweden. The 3 % pays for the Website, the bank account, the money transfer and a virtual office platform.

ActionInvest Fundraising

Action10 is managing continuous customer surveys in order not to lose the supporters we have and in addition, try to reach a larger number.
Action10 also works very hard on social media – Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn – and appreciates likes and more importantly through commenting and sharing.
In addition, Action10 is running its own crowd-funding page.
Action10 also runs an Action10 platform at Global Giving and we need your support to be able to upload status reports every third month.
Besides that, Action10 arranges monthly events for the Action10 monthly givers and we also send them monthly appreciation reports.

Working Board

Cecilia ÖMAN – President & Founder.
Rakshita SINGH – Vice President.
Nina Haddad – Secretary
Anders KINDING – Head of Finance.
Jasminka FRANIC – Head of Fundraising.
Deepak SAINI – Head of IT.
Larissa CHAI – Head of Evaluation planning & Sustainable economy.
Maisa KORHONEN – Head of Knowledge sharing.
Amali GUNASEKARA – Head of Quality Values & Institutional capacity.

Action10 is breaking new grounds

Action10 is a non-profit servicing the social non-profit/for-profit business sector. The reflection is that also aid organisations have costs to cover and have to earn money. The aid business model is donations, thus the customers become the donors (and not the target partners). Their marketing efforts tends to build on wanting the donors to feel pity for the target partners and tend to want to picture the target partners weaker than they actually are. HR&S/Action10 seriously do not agree with that as it keeps a post-colonial social institution, patronising, pity, guilt  and disrespects our partners. So, HR&S/Action10 considers the social business sector more honest; servicing customers by providing social good, for which the customers pay.

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