We have established HR&S local branches & RISE Centres in Sub-Saharan Africa countries.

The Centres provide support to local social entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators to offer their products and services to the local community, they also represent HR&S locally.


  • Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou
  • Kenya, Nairobi
  • Liberia, Monrovia
  • Nigeria, Abuja
  • Togo, Lomé
  • Rwanda, Kigali
  • Uganda, Kampala 
  • Zambia, Lusaka


Burkina FasO


Facebook page:

Interim payment solution
Mobile money transfer: +226 71614492, name Brice Alain KABORE.

Webinar fee in local currency
EUR 10 in local currency is FCFA 6,500

Operations, Trainers & Expert advisers
Stéphanie MAIGA – Team-leader & Evaluation planning
Brice Alain KABORE – Deputy team-leader & RISEtalks
Souleymane KOLOGO

– Branding & PR

VACANT  – Accountant
VACANT – Auditor; auditing of members.

  • FEDis
    Water purification
    Kabou KAMBOU-KADIO, CEO and founder
  • Senexel (fundraising stage)
    With a laboratory accreditation project.
    Boubacar SENOU, CEO and Founder
  • Nella Consult
    Promoting HR&S webinars.
    Paul Savadogo, CEO and Founder

Launched 2021.


Social media
Bank: Equity bank.
Bank account number: 0570273000299
Bank account name: Kenya PAMMI MEDICARE

Webinar fee in local currency
EUR 10 in local currency is Ksh 1300

Branch Team of Operations
Millicent SIFUNA – Team-leader & Evaluation planning.
Kevin WERUNGA – Deputy-team leader, research, research training, marketing, RISEtalks coordination.
– Accounting & RISE member accounting training.
– Survey management, laboratory management, research training, mentoring, project management, RSC coordinator and grant seeking.
Vacant – Business management training
– Survey manager.
– Auditor, branch and members.

RISE Members
  •  Dolas Creation
    with the design and tailoring production in slum area project.
    Frederick ATING’A, CEO and Founder.
    Sammy, CEO Assistant
  • Amani Women Group
    with the Table banking project.
    Enuice (Rose) GITHAIGA , CEO and Founder.
  • Veema Household
    Bed-runner production.
    Virginia NJERI, CEO and Founder.
  • Ken Briquettes
    Briquettes machine production.
    Kennedy, CEO and Founder.
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-09 at 16.27.52

From left to right Frederick, Collins, Ann and Millicent, (photo by RISE Kenya, 2020).

Launched 2020.


Bank name: Guarantee Trust Bank (GT Bank)
Bank account number: 208-801898-2-1-0
Bank account name: HR&S RISE Supp. Center Liberia inc.
Webinar fee in local currency
EUR 10 in local currency is LD 2,000

Operations, Trainers & Expert advisers
Ramses HUTCHINS – Team-leader & evaluation planning.
Lionel GEORGE – Deputy team-leader & accounting.
Sainfor WESSEH – Survey management
Elaine REEVES – Branding & Public relations
Isaac DAVIS – Auditor; auditing of members

  • Initiative for the Development of Former Child Soldiers (IDEFOCS) with the reintegration of former child soldiers project.
    Morris MATADI, CEO and Founder
    J. Forkay Horris, Deputy manager
    Tarr Garnett, Communication Director
    Rubin Gungar, Accountant

Launched 2020.


Social media

Bank:  First Bank PLC
Account Name: RISE Workshop
Account Number: 2035848596
Webinar fee in local currency
Webinar fee EUR 10 in local currency is N5000.

Operations, Trainers & Expert advisers
Elvis AUSTINS – Team-leader & PR.
Theophilus AGADA
– Deputy team-leader and social enterprising.
Clifford CHIEMEZIE – Auditor; auditing of members.

On break
Osayimwense OTOKITI, Faith OHWOFASA

Expert advisers
Charles BALOGUN – Computer Science and ICT
Sunday OTAIGBE – Accounting.

  • NoveleQ with the Laboratory management project.
    Prof. Karniyus GAMANIEL, CEO and Founder.
    Prof. Ado DAN-ISSA, Deputy manager.
    Dr. Charles BALOGUN, ICT manager.
  • MumsWhoCode
    Aghama JESUROBO, CEO and Founder.
  • FarmingSchool
    Elvis AUSTINS, CEO and Founder.
Previous members
SpellAfrica with the Back to School (B2S) project.

Launched 2020.



Bank:  N/A

Operations, Trainers & Expert advisers

Mardochee BIRORI – Head of Operations & Laboratory management
Valens HABIMANA – Deputy Head of Operations – SfC manager
Alice DUKUZE – Survey manager NC.
Jean Claude SAFARI

Launched 2021.


Hosted by L&D in Lomé

Bank: Banque Atlantique Togo
Bank account number: 041471600003
Bank account name: AKOTCHAYE ET DZAGLI
IBAN: TG53 TG13 8010 0404 1471 6000 034
Webinar fee in local currency
EUR 10 in local currency is FCFA 6,500

Operations & Training of members
Milohum DZAGLI
– Team-leader & Evaluation planning.
Renaud AZIABOR – Deputy Team-leader, survey management and Facebook.
Elisabeth DRAFOR – Survey management.
Komi ABAVE – Accounting (& Crowd-funding).

External (internal) auditor
– Auditor of (the branch and auditing of) members.


  • L&D
    Promoting HR&S webinars.
    CEO: Assoc. Prof. Milohum DZAGLI 
    with the small-businesses in rural areas project.
    Yawo AHIAKPONOU, Programme managerAdjo Martina AHIAWONOU, Programme manager adviser & Business manager
    Filomene KOGLO, Programme manager adviser & Business manager.

(photo by HR&S)

Launched 2020.


HR&S RISE Support Centre (U) Ltd.
P.O. Box 72738, Kampala.
Whatsapp (Moses MURUNGI): +256 701 728 333

ABSA Bank Uganda Limited.
Bank account number: 6006880620
Bank account name: Human Rights & Science Research innovation and Social Enterprise Support center Uganda Limited.

Webinar  fee in local currency
Webinar fee EUR 10 in local currency is Ugx 46,000

Operations, Training & Expert advisers
Moses MURUNGI – Team-leader and evaluation planning.
Joel MAFABI – Deputy team-leader, law and accountability (May 2022).
Atwine AMBROSE – Technician Network and FAST.
– Accountant and accounting training.
– Auditor; auditing of members.

Members 2022:
  • RISE Salon
    Hair and beauty salon.
  • KIMU Coffee
    Procuring coffee from 20 small holder farmers, add value and sell.
Members 2021:
  • Chusa School of Beauty
    Hair and beauty school.
  • 256 Creative Arts
    with food business
    Edward BUTIMBA, CEO and Founder
  • Ubuntu Art House
    with art production and sales project.
    Bernard OMONY, CEO and Founder

Launched 2020.


Social media

Bank account number:
Bank account name:

Webinar  fee in local currency
Webinar fee EUR 10 in local currency is 

Operations & Training of members
Evelyn FUNJIKA – Team-leader and evaluation planning.
Sylvia –  Business management, interim accountant.
Ian CHISENGA – Social media
Kanekwa ZYAMBO
Vacant – Survey management. Branding & Public relation.
Vacant – Accounting.
Vacant– Auditor; auditing of members.

– Business management adviser.


Not yet.

Launched 2021.


Mr. Ramses HUTCHINS & Mr. Lionel GEORGE,
Thank you sincerely for your huge effort during the HR&S RISE Centre start-up. Your contribution to this team is what made it possible to be established. We will always remember. You have asked for nothing in return, but you have been working and you have delivered measurable results. Seriously. We are proud of you!

unsplash - us

About the Team of Operations

Millicent SIFUNA, M.Sc.
Evaluation planning trainer, Team leader, Nairobi Kenya.

Millicent is a Master’s graduate in Medical and Veterinary Entomology from the University of Nairobi Kenya. Her research which is grounded in malaria research, focuses on the ecology and biology of malaria mosquitoes. Millicent has huge community interests. She has worked in marginalized communities as a volunteer graduate assistant. Apart from supporting and strengthening education outcomes in the community, she actively participated in community sensitization programs addressing hunger and food insecurities. This has ensured invaluable exposure to diverse environments, experiences and communities. This experience has provided her with inter-ethnic interaction, thus a global mindset.

It is this great passion for a better community that linked Millicent up with Cecelia, CEO HR&S. Cecelia came to the University of Nairobi to offer a Research management workshop. From her unique training, Millicent noted that they shared some common values, goals and interests. Millicent followed her up and they were able to link and initiate some collaboration.

Millicent works as an evaluation planning coach for the programme. Her main responsibilities are:

  • Designing programmes and performing evaluation planning for the institution.
  • Stakeholder analysis and stakeholder management
  • Developing and implementing business plans
  • Collecting information from surveys and developing the annual programme report

Millicent finds being a coach as something interesting yet challenging. New lessons are learnt every day. Decisions also have to be made, some hard to make. One is also exposed to different environments and people which makes it more interesting and something worth holding onto.

Millicent would love to see a changed society. She believes that every community should be happy and healthy. This is only possible when we reach out, listen and turn problems into opportunities.

David AURA, B.Sc.
Network member, Kenya.

I am a bachelors’ graduate in Agriculture and Natural resource management from Kisii University, Kenya. Currently, I am working in the rural set-up as an extension officer in the field of agriculture. I have a huge interest in community work. Previously I worked in marginalized communities as a volunteer graduate assistant, supporting and strengthening education outcomes in the community, and actively participated in community sensitization programs addressing hunger and food insecurities. These engagements exposed me to diverse environments, experiences, and communities besides providing me with an inter-ethnic interaction.

Main responsibilities are:

  • Survey management.
  • Compiling monitoring data and evidence according to TestE.
  • Developing a survey manual.
  • Developing annual Survey reports.

Coaching activity is more interesting, though at some point it poses some challenges. The experiences and exposure to different projects, people, and environments make the whole thing exciting.


Milohum Mikesokpo DZAGLI, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.
Evaluation planning trainer Team leader, Togo

I am an Associate Research Professor in Physics at the University of Lomé, Physics Department, Lomé Togo.

During a visit of Madam Cecilia, in Togo especially at S.E.VIE, an association that worked with Action10, she asked to know what can be possible. First, our ideas concerned research, and she made two workshops with the department on research management and how to leave the AID system to sustainability and responsibility. During our discussions, I heard about Action10 and its activities which are similar to some of my activities implemented personally in some villages. I saw that I can be useful in helping people through Action10 activities. And I started as a coach of the association SEVIE at TSEVIE, a village not far from Lomé, Togo. I am leading an association namely “Leaders and Development, L&D” that worked with SEVIE and HR&S and Action10.

As a coach for SEVIE, we:

  • Reinforced the business idea, the “Small-scale business programme in Tsévié”
  • Were involved in the implementation of the programme A28 that support many women in their activities.
  • Set monthly face-to-face meetings with all assigned administrators and managers.
  • Follow-up through communication in-between meetings.
  • Produced the annual coaching reports presenting the year’s activities and a written assessment.
  • Sampled some books and showed ways to reach a better implementation.
  • Attended of the inventory of the loans in the villages for Programme No A3, where L&D has kindly agreed to coach the programme a new restart with the management a new partner who has a closer link to the villages, M AHIAKONOU Yawo.
  • Set TRUST, RESPONSIBILITY for the new programme through many calls and discussions and meeting. So,
  • L&D and I assisted the programme with its setup such as:
    • A business plan.
    • Books setup.
    • The contract sheet.
    • Recruitment and Workshops.
  • I am the leader of RISE Centre Togo as an evaluation planning coach.
    • Chairing the group of Togo.
    • Coaching the programme of M Yawo.

To be a coach is a matter of responsibility and to be; Serious, Engaged, Trustworthy, Volunteer, Smart, Tolerance.
The most value being a coach is; being considered by the target partner; Your effort to solve a problem; Results at the end.
The biggest change I have seen happen through our programme is Workshops; Effort to work with many poor people; Introduction of the business model; Building RISE centres. 
My dream is to build a new world in connecting many people through Action10.

Maître de Conférences/Associate Professor – CAMES , FDS/UL/Dpt de Physique/Université de Lomé-Togo, Laboratoire de Physique des Matériaux et Composants à Semi-conducteurs, Tel. 0022899489536. email:  ou, ORCID iD :, Web of Science ResearcherID  Q-4806-2016: