About HR&S

HR&S supports the transition from aid dependency to equal partnership collaboration for global development. We are a social enterprise that offers our products and services on a consultancy basis. We target high quality scientific research and advanced laboratories as well as efficient and profitable social enterprises in Sub-Sahara African countries. We also offer coaching to development institutions during the transition from aid to equal partnership.

Our vision is a world without aid dependency and without extreme poverty. Our mission is to shift a paradigm and we offer services based on our own unique tools, practical strategies, cross-cultural understanding and resources.

Our Team

HR&S engages staff, consultants and volunteer staff. Our team is composed of dedicated and professional experts, with a deep understanding and unyielding ethics.

Our team covers a wide range of expertise required for our ambitions mission – the local context, development, scientific research, scientific finding, innovation, enterprising, accounting, cross-cultural understanding, and more.

Our Team is large and composed of sub-groups.

  • Management & Operations.
  • Advisory Board of Trustees.
  • Expert advisers.
  • RISE Support Centre management & coaches
  • RISE Support Centre members.
  • Action10.
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