We have  reached 300 persons within the sustainable development sector with our message. We have reached out to Ministries, Universities, private sector with and without CSR programmes, suppliers targeting SSA, the civil society, aid institutions and embassies. We have reached collaboration agreements with 200 of these persons and these persons are from the   CSR sector, givers of donations and Action10 volunteer staff.

Our operations have been focusing on Management strategies, Social entrepreneur empowerment and Serving the underserved. Less attention has so far been given to the development sector. We will from 2022 scale up the efforts to also collaborate with the development sector.

We measure impact based on our TestE strategy, thus we compile output outcome and sustainable impact based on progress markers that were developed at the design phase of the programme. Progress markers are then adjusted as lessons are learned.

We measure impact related to our four services: management strategies, support to local social entrepreneurs, serving the under-served and sustainable development

International coordination

Ambition – HR&S

We reach out to development stakeholders with interest in SSA. We want to share from our tools and our experiences, and we seek assignments where out tools are the value proposition.


Ministries in SSA

  • 2017: Discussions with Ministry of education in Rwanda. Ministry of Rwanda connected us with INES Unversity.
  • 2017: Discussions with Ministry of education in Togo.
  • 2018: Ministry of agriculture in Uganda.
    We were assigned to talk with a farmer cooperation in order to advice. Per diem was paid cash on-site.
No of persons reached: 3

Universities in SSA

2021: Branch Kenya reached out to Nairobi University, but they did not commit to paying.
2022: Branch Nigeria reached out to one university who orally committed to paying. Negotiations.

No of persons reached: 2


Tenders in SSA

  • 2022: Seeking platforms where tenders can be applied for


2021: Uploaded HR&S on the website.
Reached out to the coffee sector.
No of persons reached: 3

Suppliers from Europe

2021: Discussions with Agilent.

No of persons reached: 2

Civil Society

2020: Approved by and signed up as speaker with a speaker platform, Novarum.

No of persons reached: 2

Aid institutions

  • Applications were sent to Forum Syd but we could not agree on the terms of collaboration.
  • 2022: Challenge fund applications.
No of persons reached: 2


We have visited embassies for the sake of visibility in order to get assignments.

Embassy of Sweden in:

  • Uganda
  • Nigeria
  • Rwanda
  • Liberia
    We visited together with Morris and Brocks form IDEFOCS and the staff held us for one hour extra to ask questions to IDEFOCS.
  • Kenya
  • Burkina Faso
    We were invited to the ambassadors home for a nice dinner.
No of persons reached: 10

Of other country in Sweden.

  • Nigeria
    We presented our programme and the embassy expected aid support.
  • Rwanda
    We presented our programme and the embassy expected aid support.
No of persons reached: 2

Lesson learned & Informed decisions

Embassies have long term plans to honour and it is not easy to be flexible, and to pick up an idea from a visit. Embassies of other countries in Sweden, may target the aid sector in their mind-set.


  • 2021:
    • Uploaded HR&S on the website.
    • Nov: CSR session with PayPal through International money transfer was discussed between Pay-Pal and HR&S Branches.
      No of persons reached: 5
  • 2022
    • Feb: CSR session with Danaher through About Danaher “We are a global science and technology innovator committed to helping customers solve complex challenges and improving quality of life around the world.” “A global family of more than 20 operating companies, we drive meaningful innovation in some of today’s most dynamic, growing industries.”
      No of persons reached: 15
    • March: CSR session with PayPal through, second session with PayPal. International money transfer was to be discussed between Pay-Pal and HR&S Branches. PayPal cancelled the day before the event.
      No of persons reached: 0
    • Sept: CSR session with Unity Technologies. Social media solutions shall be discussed, how to identify customers, branding on social media, apps, etc.

Civil society

  • 2018: Supported by: Stockholm Rotary International.
    No of persons reached: 20
  • 2009 -2022 (ongoing) : Action10 volunteer staff. In average twenty volunteer staff being active at the same time with a turnover of ten persons.
    No of persons reached: 140
  • 2009 -2022 (ongoing) : ActionInvest monthly supporters. In average 30 active at the same time with a turnover of five per year.
    No of persons reached: 70

Private sector

2019 Paid for seminar about alternative financial solutions for JAK bank.
No of persons reached: 20