H9. HR&S Network of Social Entrepreneurs


Lack of a network for Social entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa.


  1. Establish & maintain a management team.
  2. Compile & maintain a list of members.
  3. Establish & maintain a WhatsApp chat group.
  4. Benefit from the HR&S tools and strategies and develop a SfC for the network.
  5. Support each other; share knowledge and give advice on social business matters.
  6. Arrange webinars.
  7. Seek funds for visits.
  8. Visit each other.
  9. Benefit from the HR&S web page.

Network members

Virginia, Veema Housholds

Aghama JESUROBO, Mums Who Code

Moses MURUNGI, KIMU Coffee

With support from

Cecilia ÖMAN, CEO, HR&S HQ Sweden.
Evelyn FUNJIKA, Team leader, HR&S Branch Zambia.
Elvis AUSTINS, Team leader, HR&S Branch Nigeria.

Strategy for Change


Collaboration and network between social entrepreneurs.

Outcome challenge

  1. Lack of coordination effort.
  2. Lack of effort to seek investment capital.
  3. Lack of training on business management.


  1. Formally establish a network – Compile a list of persons that wants to i) contribute to the management of a network and ii) want to be members. Give the network a name.



Progress marker

Expert Advice Event

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