We have introduced and empowered 25 innovations. We have introduced 14 HR&S innovations and empowered 11 RISE member innovations.

The innovations include: new products, new services, new production methods, new sustainable economy models and new modes of social enterprising and of small scale business in vulnerable settlements. Many of the supported enterprises are operating within vulnerable settlements, thus providing products and services for the underserved.

We measure impact based on our TestE strategy, thus we compile output outcome and sustainable impact based on progress markers that were developed at the design phase of the programme. Progress markers are then adjusted as lessons are learned.

The innovations include but are not limited to:


  1. TenActions, Action Principles.
  2. ROPE, Real-time  Outcome Planning & Evaluation.
  3. TestE, Testing the strength of Evidence for claimed impact.
  4. SfC, Strategy for Change.
  5. REACH, Strategy for change targeting scientific research.
  6. FAST, Strategy for change targeting scientific research.
  7. Strategy for change targeting social enterprising.
  8. Strategy for change targeting sustainable development.
  9. ActionInvest.
  10. ActionTalks.
  11. HR&S local Branches.
  12. HR&S RISE Centres.
  13. Accountability strategies among RISE members.
  14. Performance motivation among HR&S Branch Operations team.

RISE members

  1. Local production and community sales of sanitary pads.
  2. Radio call-in to raise awareness.
  3. Language education for underserved adults.
  4. Integration of former child soldiers.
  5. Motivation support to ghetto-dwellers.
  6. Preventing early pregnancies.
  7. Preventing child abuse.
  8. Establishing rural health clinics.
  9. Homework support to children in rural settlements.
  10. Loan accountability in villages.
  11. Hair salon education in underserved communities.


To empowers the the creation and implementation of innovations for social good in SSA.

Outcome challenges

Lesson learned & informed decision

  • Accountability.
  • Transparency.
  • Team-work.
  • Weak infrastructure.


HR&S Innovations

2009-2022: 14 innovations were developed and implemented


2021: Four new networks established and 50 members joined (15+20+10+5).


RISE member Innovations

2009-2022: 11 innovations were developed and implemented