Support & Reward

Support areas

1. Training

HR&S offers training on research & laboratory management, social enterprising, and developemnt programme management. Participants pay Euro 10 for each package of ten hours of training, homework and examination.  The actual costs is paid for by other sources, such as grants and donations. The avarage cost per training package is Euro 5,000. The training package lasts one week.

2. Business loans

HR&S builds a RISEinvest fund in all our Target countries.  This money is used for  enterprising scale-up loans. The funds shall be paid back and not be consumed, thus we aim for this capital to be used over and over again.  The loan shall generate 10 % interest. The profit from the business remains with the supported bsuiness and the interest co-funds the cost of local coaches. The fund is tied to our RISE Support Centres. Maximum loan for one business is usually Euro 15,000.

3. Local coaching

Loans are always combined with local coaching targeting evaluation planning, impact survey management, branding & public relations and accounting as well as annual external auditing. The interest from the loans is used to co-fund programme coaching and auditing. The loan-takers programmes are also always benefitting accountability management package designed by HR&S. The coaches and the auditors are reimbursed minimum Euro 300 per year and programme.

4. RISE Support Centre infrastructure

HR&S builds RISE Support Centres in our Target countries. The RISE Centre investment are used to establish, scale and strengthen our Centres. We seek funding for computers, internet, electriciy and office items. The Centres are sustainable through a local business that covers the running costs, by membership fees and services provided by the Centres. Today we have RISE Centres established in: Burkina Faso, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Togo, and Uganda. While starting-up in: Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mali and Rwanda.

Honouring the Donor & the volunteer


Institutions chanelling donations to the extremely poor must have a reasonable low level of administration cost, in order to honor the giver. HR&S proposes 0- 20%, ALL institutions along the line included, as well as company tax. The adminstration costs shall only cover unavoidable costs including bank fees, transfer of funds, web-site and auditing.

Thus, collecting and distributing donations CANNOT be a business idea, receiving institution in target countries CANNOT use the funds to cover their own running costs, and activities MUST generate evidence based sustainability for the social good they implement. HR&S proposes international-national social enterprises as the sole method to eradicate extreme poverty.


Some Institutions use volunteering fees as income for their business ideas. HR&S does not support this approach.

It is important  to note, that very often is it not the Institutions that collects fees from volunteers that offer the volunteering assignment or the mentoring of the volunteer, they mostly only link volunteers with NGOs. They market the services that they offer volunteers as “free of charge” to NGO´s. This business idea CANNOT be supported by HR&S:

HR&S does not pay for volunteers, they have to pay their own expences (travel, accomodation, perdiem) nor do we charge fees.

It is important to note also that HR&S volunteers are carefully selected, ensuring that they, with their own capacity, experiences and education can significantly contribute to the programme. The cost for HR&S is the workhours of the mentor, and this effort has to be balanced by the contribution by the volunteer. Volunteers who sign up, are considered volunteer staff and are serioulsy expected to deliver according to plan. Further more volunteers who has direct contact with our partners has to have significant cross-cultural understanding and experience.

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Not for profit

The Support & Reward is our not-for-profit programme.

Our target is vulnerable people in Sub-Saharan Africa and we have already reached 10,000. There is no upper limit, in terms of the number of people to be reached, the amount or types of products and services to be offered, or the number of parallel programmes.  Our portfolio is wide and already ranges from laboratory management and trauma counselling to business training and accountability packages. All initiatives are designed and implemented by a local entrepreneur and are benefitting from locally developed or adapted solutions. The local entrepreneurs decide on which products and services to be offered and how the business will be implemented, and the community responds by showing interest to buy, or not buy. We do ensure the price level does not exclude the vulnerable.


Donations can support the core-programme or target initiatives with a clear, tangible, measurable, single aim and defined time periods. Supporters of targeted initiatives are offered monthly status reports and a final report. Reports from the core-programme a continiously posted on the web-site and social media channels.

Action Areas

  1. Training: Webinars targeting research & laboratory management, social enterprising, and development programme management.
  2. Business loans: Generating a capital in order to be able to give out business scaling up loans.
  3. Local coaching: Local coaching and auditing reimbursement.
  4. RISE Support Centres infrastructure; computers, cell-phones, internet, electricity, office material.
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Ensuring sustainabLe impact

HR&S has a deep understanding of why the Aid industry is not working and the number of extremely poor people in Africa is increasing every year. HR&S takes as its responsibility not to further support this tragedy. One aspect is that the institutions implementing development programmes must be professional. Charities may not have the competence. The Aid Industry is playing with poor peoples lives when they ask poor people to be involved with this and that programme that will not be sustainable anyway. How can charities for example be able to manage something that the UN and all the other high-level institutions do not manage, to eradicate extreme poverty?

It is for this reason that the institutions supported to implement social good must also receive financial support and generate income, in order to be able to sustain professional staff and implement sustainable impact. HR&S has developed practical strategies and we  offer training on the tools we use.

Thus, if outcome is not to be expected or is not measured based on evidence, and if the support is not linked to a local partner’s expressed ambition, then HR&S will not involve itself in that specific support programme.

Quote by the CEO: “Support within HR&S concerns satisfying the needs and expectations of the receiver and not satisfying the needs of the donor.”


Besides the joy of doing good we also offer small rewards to acknowledge and thank our supporters.

Your name can be mentioned on our web page for minimum one year, if you want. If so, please let us know the name that we shall use.

Monthly Donation Euro 50. We will send a small dedicated report with photos. In case you want, please, let us know your name and e-mail address.

Monthly Donation Euro 100. Thank you cards designed by Bernard OMOMY, Founder of our partner Ubuntu Art House in Uganda and with a message written by Cecilia ÖMAN Founder of HR&S, will be sent to you by post. In case you want, please, let us know your name and postal address.

Monthly Donation Euro 300. Your name will be mentioned on the wall in the hallway inside our RISE Support Centres and we send a photo to you. In case you want, please let us know the name that we shall use and your e-mail address.

Donation SEK 1000. A WhatsApp meeting will be arrange where you can meet and talk with our team in a target country of your choice. If you like this idea, please let us know your name and WhatsApp number. We will delete the number after the call.


Donation SEK 3000. We will send a painting to you by Bernard OMOMY, Founder of our partner Ubuntu Art House in Uganda. In case you want such a painitng, please, let us know your name and postal address. Sorry, this is only available for supporters with Swedish postal addresses.

Donation SEK 4000. We offer a seminar or webinar addressing one of the HR&S Practical strategies, a training or another topic of your preference.

Donation SEK 10,000. We offer a two day workshop addressing one of the HR&S Practical strategies, or , a training or another topic of your preference.


Our Accountability management package is strong and is implemented locally by our local HR&S RISE Support centres.

Co-funding programme implementation costs with business revenue

Twenty percent of raised capital remains with HR&S for programme management. The rest, minus tax is transferred to Africa.

This amount of 20 % of donations does not cover the real costs.  The main costs are related to the implementation of programmes in poor, corrupt, sometimes traumatized environments with no, or very weak, rules of law. In order to be able to deliver the results that the donors want to enjoy. These co-funding costs can be attracted by HR&S income from running businesses.
Most fundraisers charges 20 % in admin costs, plus the tax they pay as a company, and then they only involve themselves with the fundraising and not with the implementation. The problem many fundraisers have is that they do not want to pay for the cost of implementation. If the implementation is done by volunteers it will not be professional and the donors’ money will be wasted. No success stories, while their business idea is selling success stories. Fudraising platforms tend to be looking for successful projects to be raising funds for, cause they cannot deliver results to the donors.


Sustainability requires a capable team with motivation, institutional capacity and a sustainable economy.

Local ownership is crucial for the success of an intervention and HR&S benefits from its user and needs driven practical strategy.

The exit strategy benefits from the HR&S definition of expected impact.


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Please mention name and contact details of the supporter unless the support shall be anynomous. Please mention also if the donation shall target a specific country or programme.