RISEtalks is an opportunity for RISE members to meet and share knowledge and experiences.

Experts provide training of their areas of expertise and RISE members pitch their business ideas and their scaling ideas.

Within the planning and evaluation tool that we use (ROPE), learning lessons and taking informed decisions is key.

RISE Kenya

Date: April 2022
Accounting training
Millicent SIFUNA , Cecilia ÖMAN, Sweden, Ann, Mariam, Kevin Kennedy, Moses from Uganda, Doreen from Uganda

Meeting notes by Cecilia:
Ann presented about accounting and about the status of the Kenya RISE members. She shared her power point in the accountant chat after the meeting. Kennedy was supposed to pitch but could not due to weak network.

RISE Nigeria

Date: 29 April 2022
MumsWhoCode empowerment
Elvis, Theophilus, Aghama, Mrs Grace
Meeting notes by Elvis:

  • The first RISE Member meeting was concluded successfully with MomWhoCode as a case study.
  • The presentation was centered on how to start small and grow big.
  • MomWhoCode was delighted to hear ways they can explore for the purpose of generating income.
  • Among others, we talked about logo design and low or no code services.
  • Mr. Theophilus supported the motion of starting small as a means to validate a business.
  • We also look into other areas like revenue sharing percentage between MomWhoCode and its facilitators.
  • Mr. Theophilus invited Mrs. Grace, an Abuja-based woman with some experience in events/training and catering services.
  • I would recommend her to be a member of RISE Nigeria if possible.
  • We concluded the meeting with high hopes for the future.