Cross-cultural understanding & partnership

It is not always easy to understand another culture, especially for a person who never visited the other country. Each culture has its own values and ways of doing things.  For any cross-cultural partnership to be successful, the awareness and the management of cultural differences is key. 

A high degree of cross-cultural understanding enables capacity of offering high quality services, efficient and comfortable work environment and give us a well-tuned organisation where everyone are heading towards the same goal.

The aim with CROSS is to raise awareness, increase knowledge, meet needs, impose empowerment and respect, and create dialogue across cultures.

With our CROSS strategy the different stages of a partnership is taken into account and the different factors affecting each stage; we address the level of ethnical diversity in countries, world value survey, trustworthiness, and more. The method benefits from testimonies from individuals with experience from cross-cultural partnership.  Workshops contain team building exercises including; expectations, core-values and equal partnership definitions; leadership training including and analysing the positioning of one culture relative to another while transform differences into assets.

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