We measure impact based on our TestE strategy, thus we compile output outcome and sustainable impact based on progress markers that were developed at the design phase of the programme. Progress markers are then adjusted as lessons are learned.

We measure impact related to our four services: management strategies, support to local social entrepreneurs, serving the under-served and sustainable development


Operations – yearly

  • General assembly in March.
  • Six board meetings.
  • Six volunteer staff meetings.
  • Regular team meetings.
  • Recruitment to cover to volunteers leaving.
  • Accounting.
  • Auditing.


  • Transfer funds to programmes with evidence based agreed on activities, as they are raised.

Awareness raised – cross-cultural respect 2021

  • Some Action10 members attends the monthly ActionTalks.

Fundraising 2021

  • Posting on social media FB, LinkedIn, Instagram twice a month or more.
  • Five parallel campaigns on Global Giving.
    Addressing the reward system on Global Giving.
  • Launched the Action10 Crowdfunding site.


  • Funds raised: EUR 10,000 per year during the past ten years.